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Why buy from Prune ?

What is a Prepaid SIM Card?

A prepaid SIM card is a mobile connection that allows users to access cellular services such as calls, SMS, and data offered by a network operator. ‘Prepaid’ means you have to pay before using these services. You just have to top up with a prepaid plan to enjoy unlimited calls and SMS and get up to 2 GB of data per day. You can easily buy an Airtel SIM online, Vi prepaid SIM online, BSNL prepaid SIM online, or buy Jio prepaid SIM online through Prune to enjoy seamless connectivity.

What is the Price of a New Prepaid SIM?

When buying a prepaid SIM card online, you only need to pay for a First Recharge plan or FRC. Think of it as choosing your initial recharge plan. This FRC is all you have to pay for when buying a SIM card online— Your SIM card is free! At the end of the validity of your FRC, you can simply recharge it normally with any plan that meets your needs.

Why Choose a Prepaid SIM Card?

Prepaid SIM card plans often include generous data allowances. Some prepaid recharge plans offer up to 2GB of daily data, but the most popular ones are with 1 GB of daily data quota. This allows you to access the internet, browse websites, engage in social media activities, and stream content seamlessly. If you exhaust your data limit for the day, you can recharge with data-only plans, which come with fixed data and can help you tide over your day.
Enjoy the freedom of unlimited calls and SMS with prepaid SIM cards. Mobile operators, including Vi, Jio, BSNL, and Airtel, offer plans with unlimited calling and SMS options, allowing you to connect with friends, family, and colleagues without worrying about call minutes.
When you buy a SIM card online through Prune, our delivery executive will complete the KYC and activate your SIM.
Prepaid SIM cards can also have international roaming activated, allowing you to receive calls, send messages, and use data on the same number. This means that you can just recharge your prepaid SIM with an international roaming plan to stay connected even when travelling abroad. You can check various international roaming plans on our website.
Recharging a prepaid SIM card is hassle-free and can be conveniently done online through Prune. You can top up your balance or switch to a different plan with just a few clicks, ensuring a seamless experience.
With a prepaid SIM card, you have complete control over your expenses. You can select a plan that aligns with your calling, data, and text needs.

Benefits of Buying Prepaid SIM Online with Prune

Enjoy the convenience of buying a SIM card from the comfort of your home. Whether you need an Airtel SIM delivery, BSNL SIM home delivery, or Jio SIM home delivery, we ensure it reaches you on time.
At Prune, we provide our customers with the best services. We are trusted online partners of Airtel, Jio, BSNL, and Vi. We offer you genuine and fresh SIM cards.
When you buy a BSNL SIM card online or any other SIM card through Prune, you can earn great incentives and exclusive offers.
No more searching for stores to buy a SIM or waiting in lines for document verification and KYC approval – We bring the SIM card to you! Our delivery executive will deliver the SIM and complete the KYC process at your doorstep.
We provide you with all mobile operators: Vi, Jio, BSNL, and Airtel. Compare their plans and select one that suits your needs.
We provide a variety of payment methods, including cash on delivery, debit/credit cards, e-wallets, and UPI.
Activation charges on Prune are waived when you buy a prepaid SIM card. Hence, you just have to pay for the FRC plan.

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