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About Prune

Welcome to Prune,

where Innovation meets Connectivity

At Prune, we are dedicated to revolutionizing the telecommunications industry with our cutting-edge eSIM & Physical solutions and Bill Payments

Our mission

Our mission at Prune is simple yet ambitious: Connect Better, so as to empower individuals and businesses with seamless, reliable, and convenient connectivity solutions through our eSIM technology. We strive to break barriers and simplify the way people connect with the world around them. We also want to impact the non eSim users and in some countries are introducing physical sim with the same ease of connectivity, through our SIM Delivery Model with dedicated partners enabling connectivity through a connected experience.

Prune has also introduced bill payments solutions which a user can conveniently make bill payments even while traveling.


Prune is driven by the belief that connectivity is a fundamental right in today's digital age. By offering our both eSIM & Physical sim and Bill Payments solutions, we aim to bridge the gap between technology and accessibility, ensuring that truly, everyone, regardless of location or circumstance, or even Devise can stay connected and make bill payments effortlessly from anywhere across the world. Our solutions not only enhance communication and financial freedom but also foster economic growth, drive innovation, and promote social inclusion.

our values


We embrace innovation as the driving force behind progress, constantly pushing boundaries to deliver cutting-edge solutions that exceed expectations.


We prioritize reliability in everything we do, ensuring that our products and services consistently meet the highest standards of quality and performance.


We are committed to making connectivity accessible to all, breaking down barriers and empowering individuals and communities to thrive in a connected world.


We recognize our responsibility to the planet and future generations. We strive to minimize our environmental footprint and contribute to a sustainable future through responsible business practices.

Vivek Malhotra

ceo, founder


Behind Prune's success is a diverse team of passionate individuals united by a shared vision of shaping the future of connectivity. Our team brings together expertise from various disciplines, including telecommunications, technology, engineering, Branding, Marketing, customer experience, to deliver innovative solutions and exceptional service to our customers.

Prune was founded by Vivek Malhotra a Telecom Professional with over 25 years of experiences in some of the largest telecom companies. He realised early that customer needs to be put in forefront in this digital world, so that the customer can buy connectivity as easily online as he is able to order a coffee. He is a Customer Focused passionate Golfer, Runner, a keen drummer, technology nerd and a great friend.

Join us on our journey to redefine connectivity and unlock new possibilities with