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Online bill payment for landline and broadband at Prune
The most popular type of internet access is broadband. Many rely on it for personal and work-related use. Due to its significance in our daily lives, it is crucial to pay your internet payment on time for continuous access. Prune offers its customers a dependable service that enables quick online payment of broadband bills. So forget about the days when you had to wait in line for hours to pay landline and broadband bills. You can use the Prune app and website for it!

Paying a phone bill has become an easy task with Prune. You can pay your landline bills online and avoid the hassle of paying them offline. We provide you the simplest online bill payment option, so you don't have to run to the nearest store to pay your landline bills. There is no longer a need for it when you have an online payment as an option! You can easily and securely pay your landline bills online with a few taps on your phone.

Customers of Prune can pay their landline and broadband bills for operators like Airtel, Reliance, and BSNL. Additionally, you can pay your bills online for broadband service, landline recharges and more using the payment method of your choice.

Instant online bill payment for broadband and landline
Turn to Prune to pay a broadband bill online. Now you can pay your phone and broadband bills quickly and easily online. Just follow these simple instructions, such as entering the phone number, operator, and amount.

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