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Why Prune


Immediate Connectivity

by Girish Kulkarni

My recent trip to Singapore was rushed. I booked my Air Ticket and Hotel last minute and forgot about an International SIM Card or Roaming. Worried, I considered buying an expensive International SIM at the airport. Luckily, I discovered Prune's eSIM concept on my phone and decided to give it a try. To my surprise, I received the eSIM within minutes and installed it easily. Upon landing in Singapore, my wife mentioned I hadn't activated international roaming. I assured her I was using my new eSIM. It's a fantastic service for instant connectivity. Kudos to Prune!


Affordable Price

by Grayson Moore

When I initially looked at Prune rates, I thought this was a click bate, I mean so low prices for international connectivity. I used to pay in tens of thousands and today I buy a esim in a few dollars. They have definitely saved me big. I told this to my friend in US, he couldn’t believe it, and now I’m told by him, even he has shifted to Prune. I’m really satisfied by their 5 star service at lowest rates. Kudos guys.


24/7 Customer Support

by Aiden Hill

I’m a little less tech savvy, must admit and therefore look for a service that has a human interface. My reason to select Prune was because they have a 24 by 7 service and they really lived up to it by helping me with setting up my eSim in my Phone in Paris. I must also admit that using their service is just like a back of my hand even for a tech newbie like me. It’s really simple to install and use, but still I like you guys for Customer Support.


Global Coverage

by Harper Walker

As a Commercial Pilot with extensive global travel experience, I've explored various connectivity options, from local SIM cards to international roaming. However, Prune's service stands out as the ultimate convenience. With their app, I can effortlessly select the destination country and purchase a corresponding SIM card – an innovation like no other. Beyond individual country options, Prune offers regional and worldwide plans. I've opted for the worldwide plan, providing seamless connectivity wherever I fly. It's hassle-free, eliminating the need for local SIMs or costly roaming. I step off the plane and am instantly connected. Kudos to the Prune team! I wholeheartedly recommend their service.


Trust-worthy & Safe

by Olivia Garcia

I had seamless connectivity during my travel to Bali thanks to the prepaid data sim that I bought before leaving the country . I had also taken roaming on my Operator number which unfortunately did not work on day 1 due to some technical issue with them. After making multiple calls to the operator we were advised it’s some switching issue. Thanks to the Prune local sim, I had data, was able to get around and call people on WhatsApp to sort out things, coordinate pick ups and plans. The convenience of buying a local sim before travelling is great.


Hassle Free

by Mia Foster

I was scheduled to travel to Switzerland but there was incidence in my family, and I had to reschedule my journey. I had to rebook hotel & Travel, but the same eSim which bought from Prune worked even after 1 month of my original plan, I checked on their app and I came to know about the validity, it starts from the date when you land irrespective of when you bought the eSim. This is really hassle free. My compliments to you guys..

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