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Pay Cable TV Bill

Pay your cable TV bill quickly and easily with Prune!
It is crucial to pay your monthly cable bill on time if you want to continue using your cable TV services. Cable operators now rely on online payment methods rather than the conventional billing system. Now, neither the subscriber nor the cable provider need to visit the cable TV centre to pay bills. With Prune's online bill payment option, customers can pay cable TV bills online.

Cable TV bill payment is safe and secure with Prune.
Prune offers a hassle-free cable TV bill payment on its portal. And it is safe and secure for your use. To give you the best possible online payment experience, we offer a variety of payment methods. At Prune, all transactions go through top-notch payment gateways that give the highest level of security. Furthermore, we completely protect your personal information and login passwords, so you can rest assured that your details are safe!

How to pay for cable TV bills online through Prune?
Paying your cable bill quickly and easily is possible with Prune. You just need to follow a few simple instructions, make the payment, and it's done! Follow the instructions below:

  1. Choose a cable provider.
  2. Provide your account number.
  3. Select the preferred payment method and proceed.
  4. Make the payment.

You can quickly and easily pay for your cable TV services. Prune offers the best deals and reward points on the portal. So download the app or visit the website now!


What devices support e-SIM?​

As e-sim technology continues to expand more and more e-sim compatible devices are being released into the market.

As of December 2023, the updated list of e-sim compatible devices is as follows:

Note: (Before buying, verify that your device supports e-SIM and is carrier-unlocked to ensure a smooth and flexible experience)