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United Arab Emirates eSIM: Connect Better with Prune 


Make your travel easier with the new United Arab Emirates eSIM. Experience seamless connectivity while enjoying your trip to UAE. With the United Arab Emirates eSIM, stop worrying about additional data costs and international roaming fees; just select the eSIM plan that aligns with your needs to ensure that you stay connected wherever you go. 


Prune's eSIM provides an easy and cost-effective of purchasing a data plan, configuring the eSIM on your phone, and connecting to a local network once you arrive at your location. This service eliminates the conventional method of acquiring a physical SIM card and navigating the hassle of international roaming charges. 


In this article, we will discuss the following


  • eSIM plans (UAE) 
  • Selecting the Best United Arab Emirates eSIM
  • eSIM and Device compatibility
  • Buy and install the United Arab Emirates eSIM
  • Advantages of Using Prune eSIM
  • eSIM FAQ's 


United Arab Emirates eSIM Plans 


Prune offers a wide range of eSIM plans that are not only affordable but are designed to improve your connectivity experience while you enjoy your stay in UAE. These plans are applicable all through the country you are travelling to, with the following data and validity plans:


  • 1GB data offers a Validity of 7 days
  • 2GB data offers a Validity of 15 days
  • 3GB data offers a Validity of 30 days
  • 5GB data offers a Validity of 30 days
  • 10G data offers a Validity of 30 days
  • 20GB data offers a Validity of 30 days


Things to Consider: 


·         Activation Process: The eSIM gets activated as soon as it connects to a compatible network, its validity period is initiated, and it becomes active for use.


·         E-KYC (Online Verification): Online verification is required during activation.


Selecting the best United Arab Emirates eSIM


Before selecting the eSIM for your upcoming trip, consider these factors.


·         Your Travel Destination:   Decide your travel location. United Arab Emirates eSIM keeps you connected within the country, depending on your chosen plan. However, if your travel plans change and you decide to visit other nations, you can choose regional or Global eSIM plans.  


  • Duration of your stay: Every eSIM plan offered by Prune comes with a des validity period (e.g., seven days, 15 days, 30 days). However, if your travel plan changes and the validity period expires, you can extend the connectivity, either topping up your existing plan or buying an additional eSIM.


  • Data Requirements: Tailored to your data consumption, Prune's eSIM offers several data packages (1GB, 2GB, 3GB). Normally, 1GB of data caters to routine tasks such as emailing and social media browsing.



eSIM and Device Compatibility 


• Device Compatibility Check: Before making a purchase, verify that your Device is suitable for the eSIM.


 • Connect with Carrier Support: Contact your carrier's customer service to confirm your Device is unlocked and ready for eSIM usage.


• Financial Compliance: Ensure all financial and contractual responsibilities with your carrier are settled before obtaining the eSIM.


Buy and install the United Arab Emirates eSIM 


Once your Device is eSIM compatible, follow these instructions to set up your United Arab Emirates eSIM:


Step 1: Purchase and Activate the eSIM


  • Visit the website www.prune.co.in.
  • Go to the International eSIM option and select the United Arab Emirates eSIM package that suits your travel needs. 
  • Add the selected eSIM package to your cart and proceed to the checkout.


Step 2: Installation of eSIM


Ensure you are connected to a Wi-Fi network. You can then proceed with eSIM activation through either of the two methods: 


• Manual Configuration: Entering the eSIM details directly in your Device to begin installation. 


 • QR Code Scanning: Scan the QR code to begin installation.


Step 3: eSIM Activation


To begin the eSIM activation process, follow the guidelines provided in the eSIM's "Additional Information" section. However, activation can vary depending on the Device you are using. Some eSIMs activate immediately upon installation, while others activate upon connecting to a supported network at your destination. 


Step 4: Connecting to Local Network


Connect your eSIM to the local network and enjoy online access and connectivity during your stay in the United Arab Emirates.


  • Open your device settings.
  • Go to the "Network and Internet" section.
  • Tap on "eSIM "related to SIM card settings.
  • Enable "Mobile Data" to ensure data connectivity.
  • Enable "Data Roaming" to allow data usage.
  • From the list of available networks in the "eSIM Additional Information" section, select a supported network for your location in the United Arab Emirates.


For IOS users:


  • Open your phone's settings.
  • Scroll and locate the "Cellular" or "Mobile" section.
  • Tap on the option corresponding to your eSIM line.
  • Toggle the switch to turn on the eSIM and enable cellular data.
  • Switch on "Data Roaming" to enable data usage while abroad.
  • Tap on "Network Selection" or a similar option to view available networks and select a supported network from the list. 


Advantages of Using Prune eSIM


·         Travel Confidence: With Prune's reliable eSIM, you can explore new horizons with the assurance of staying connected to loved ones, accessing maps, and sharing your experiences without connectivity worries. 


·         Seamless Transition: Switching to Prune's eSIM is a smooth process, eliminating the need for physical SIM card changes and enabling you to focus on your travels without interruptions. 


·         Global Coverage: With a presence in over 190 countries across the globe, Prune's eSIM plans guarantee uninterrupted connectivity throughout your journeys, irrespective of your destination.


FAQ about eSIM 


Q1. What is the process to activate the eSIM?


Ans. eSIM activation involves obtaining an activation code or QR code from your carrier. This code is used to download the carrier profile onto your Device. You can usually activate it through your Device's settings.  


Q2 Is it possible to transfer the eSIM to another phone? 


Ans: Transferring an eSIM to a new device depends on the compatibility of the new Device. Sometimes, you might need to obtain a new eSIM profile for the new Device.


 Q3. Is eSIM more secure than physical SIM cards? 


Ans: Yes, you can deactivate your eSIM profile from device settings. However, to permanently remove the eSIM, you should contact your carrier provider. 


Q4. Can I share my eSIM plan with other devices?


Ans. Sharing eSIM plans across devices might be complicated and could depend on carrier policies. Some carriers offer family or multi-device plans, allowing data sharing across devices. 


Q5. Can I remove the eSIM profile once it is activated? 

Ans. Yes, you can remove an eSIM profile from your Device's settings. This is useful if you no longer need a particular plan or want to replace it with a new one.



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