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Foreign Exchange

Foreign Exchange (Forex or FX) is the conversion of currency from one country to another. When you need to travel abroad, you must need the currency of that country. These days people buy forex online, which is the smartest, safest and the most convenient way of money exchange in India. Prune helps in getting foreign exchange online with doorstep delivery where you get the best value.

How to Exchange Foreign Currency in India?

Here are the several ways of foreign exchange in india:

Banks: Most banks offer foreign currency exchange in India. You must carry your passport and a self-attested copy as proof of identity to exchange currency. The exchange rate offered by banks may vary.

Airports: The exchange rate offered at the airport may be higher than the banks and RBI-authorized money changers. However, it is a convenient option for travelers who arrive in India for the first time and need to exchange currency immediately.

Local currency shops: This is the traditional way of getting forex which offers convenient exchange options. However, you have to visit the shop by yourself as they barely offer you home services.

Prune’s Online Exchange Platform: Prune is an online forex exchange platform revolutionizing how people exchange foreign currency in India. Whether you are traveling abroad for leisure or business, Prune has got you covered.

Documents Required for Money Exchange in India

In India, to exchange forex currency, you are supposed to submit the following documents:

1.Proof of Identity: A passport is usually required as a form of identification when exchanging foreign currency in India. The documents include:
Voter ID card
PAN card
Driving License

2. Proof of Address: Providers may require an Aadhar card, bank statement, or other official documents that bear your name and address as proof of residence.

3.Travel Itinerary: If you are exchanging currency for travel purposes, you may be asked to provide your travel itinerary, VISA, Passport, and travel ticket copy.

Why Buy Forex from Prune in India?

Here are some reasons why you should consider buying forex from Prune in India:

Convenience: Prune offers an easy and convenient way to buy forex online from the comfort of your home.

Best Exchange Rate: Prune regularly updates its forex currency rates with the help of currency converter to ensure you get the best value for your money. The platform strives to provide the most competitive exchange rates, like the best euro to USD and euro to INR currency exchange rates in the market.

Home delivery: Prune provides door-to-door delivery for your foreign currency, making the entire process stress-free.

Minimal fees: Prune charges minimal fees for its services, ensuring you get the best deal when exchanging currency.

How to Exchange Foreign Currency with Prune?

For an easy money exchange in India with Prune, follow the simple steps mentioned below:

  • Visit Website/App: Visit www.Prune or download our app.
  • Select Currency: Choose the foreign currency you want to exchange.
  • Fill Information: Fill in all the required information, including the place you’re visiting, dates, and the purpose of travel. Keep your PAN card and VISA handy.
  • Get Forex at your door step: Once everything is done, get your order at your doorstep at the best exchange rate.

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