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Your one-stop destination for Buying SIM online: Prune


Online shopping is becoming more and more popular. Now almost everything can be bought online. Similar to that, you can buy a SIM card online. Prune allows you to order prepaid or postpaid SIM cards online from the comfort of your home. Our team works around the clock to make sure you have a quick and easy SIM delivery process from the comfort of your home.


Just follow the simple instructions on our app or website to place an order for a SIM delivery service. Our staff guarantees that you obtain detailed mobile network services that are realistic and suitable for your requirements. The list of our services is below.



All Telecom operators in one place


Airtel, Jio, Vodafone Idea, and BSNL are just a few of the prominent telecom companies in India that Prune offers mobile network options from. We make an effort to offer only the best services to our customers without sacrificing quality. You may be assured that when you use our platform to Buy Sim Card Online or port your mobile number online, we offer the best service for you. You can compare all telecom operator's plans in one place and choose the best from them.



Port your mobile number


In an effort to outperform their competitors, mobile operators are introducing new plans that offer more services at a lower price. This may persuade you to switch from your present network provider to one that offers more advantageous choices. Additionally, you have the option of changing service providers if you experience poor customer service or a lack of network coverage.


You can quickly port your mobile number to another telecom provider via using our app or website. When you port a SIM online, the process is simple and finished swiftly!



Postpaid/Prepaid Network


Whether you require a prepaid or postpaid connection, you may choose the best package on our website. If you frequently travel or switch your mobile connection, buying prepaid sim cards online is a great option for you. You can use a rapid and seamless mobile connection while paying in advance. However, if you prefer to pay your bills at the end of each month along with your other utility bills, a postpaid plan is a great choice for you.



Delivery to your door


Prune offers 90-minute delivery when you purchase a SIM card online, and your SIM will deliver at your door in that time. This means that the process of using your new SIM won't take very long.



Number of your choice


We have a long list of VIP numbers; you can choose any number of your choice. To get a VIP number in just 90 minutes, just download the Prune App or visit our website.



Advantages of buying SIM from Prune


The following is a list of the major advantages of buying a SIM online from Prune.


• We provide SIM home delivery in just 90 minutes!


• Our simple online method eliminates the need for lengthy line waits.


• Select the best service providers' plans from a single platform.


• Several payment options are available for enhanced convenience, including debit/credit cards, e-wallets, and cash on delivery.




To order SIM cards online from Prune, follow the steps below:


Visit our website or download Prune App.


• Select a prepaid or postpaid connection.


• Evaluate the services and costs of the various operators' plans.


• Complete the form to order SIM online.


• A SIM will be delivered to your door once everything has been completed.



Apart from the option to buy SIM online, Prune also offers other services such as forex, travel experiences, utility bills, device comparison feature, and more. Download Prune App or visit the Website.

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