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What is an eSIM? Is it the right choice over a physical SIM card? Here's everything you need to know!



A physical or traditional sim help store your phone's data, including your contacts, text messages, and images. It is a way to connect to your local mobile network and make calls and send texts. However, more phone manufacturers are turning to eSIM technology, implying that most new handsets will come with eSIM features in the near future. And if not as a replacement for SIM cards, then as an additional SIM option.


If your phone has eSIM support ( Check if your phone is compatible with eSIM ), you might find the technology worth using. It's a more convenient, cost-effective, and efficient way to use mobile data. But what exactly is an eSIM, and is it a suitable option for you? Read on!



What is an eSIM?


The term eSIM refers to an embedded SIM card. This electronic SIM card eliminates the requirement for a physical SIM card and is in-built into your phone during the manufacturing process. It takes only a few taps on your device to access data, wherever you are.


The eSIM on your phone has many benefits because you can save plans from multiple networks, especially while travelling overseas.



How does an eSIM work?


An eSIM is a device's SIM card that is directly connected to its motherboard. You can also connect to up to five mobile networks using apps and web services. It enables you to use many phone numbers and network services.


When travelling internationally, eSIM technology is helpful. You can use eSIM to switch to another cell operator instead of obtaining a new local SIM for travel. So when travelling overseas, it can make it easier to use the services of local mobile operators.



What are the benefits of eSIM?


Everyone benefits from the eSIM technology, including users, network operators, and phone manufacturers. The following are some of the perks of using eSIM:


·  An eSIM can work from anywhere as it connects to most network operators.

·  Unlike a physical SIM card, it does not need a slot. It makes it ideal for a smartphone with a limited area.

·  You cannot misplace the card because it is attached to the device.

·  It is possible to control an eSIM over the air, making it easier for the network providers to provide services on time.

·  It offers the same level of protection as a detachable SIM card.

·  It is easier to manage subscriptions and connections using eSIM. It helps avoid managing several accounts at a time.



For travellers


·  There is little doubt that an eSIM makes connecting to a carrier a lot easier than it is with physical SIM cards.

·  You can switch to another plan from the comfort of your home (or airport).

·  It is ideal for frequent travellers as it allows them to stay connected, even if they move from one country to another on a regular basis.

·  It is possible to keep two profiles (personal and business) on eSIM and switch between them anytime.

·  They are more affordable, making them a good option for international travel.



Which smartphones are compatible with the eSIM feature?


There are several high-end smartphones that support eSIM technology these days. Some of them are listed below:


Apple handsets starting from iPhone XR to iPhone 13 Pro Max, Samsung Galaxy S20 series, Samsung Galaxy S21 series, Samsung Galaxy Z, Google Pixel 3, Google Pixel 4, Google Pixel 5, Google Pixel 6, Google Pixel XL, Huawei P40, Motorola Razr, Sony Xperia 10 III Lite.


There are many other devices that are compatible with eSIM technology. Think Apple Watch Series, Samsung Galaxy Watch Series, iPads, and computers.



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