How to check if your phone is compatible with eSIM - Prune

Here's how to check if your phone is compatible with eSIM - Prune



Whether you're planning to buy the latest iPhone in the market or own a flagship smartphone already, you would have come across the eSIM feature. An eSIM is embedded in a device and acts as a replacement for the physical card.


The most significant difference between both SIM cards is that, unlike a typical SIM card, an eSIM is permanently attached to a device's motherboard. Since it's fixed, you can't take it out. However, you can still change numbers and carriers using apps on your phone. In fact, switching or configuring it might be easier. Instead of waiting hours for a new SIM, it could all be done in seconds online via Prune E- Sim Cards Online



Follow this simple step to find out whether your device supports eSIM.


To check whether your phone is compatible with eSIM, go to your settings and look for IMEI. It means International Mobile Equipment Identity. It will tell you whether your phone is compatible with eSIM.



What is the definition of eSIM?


An embedded SIM card is referred to as eSIM. There's no role for a physical SIM card, and you do not need to swap it out. There are some network providers that offer eSIM services. Although, not all networks do so at this time.


It is a chip inside your device that functions similarly to the NFC chip. Because the information on an eSIM can be rewritten, you can change your operator within seconds.



What are the advantages of using an eSIM?


·  If you're travelling, an eSIM comes in handy because it can hold up to five SIM networks at a time; which means you can easily switch between other networks if you're in an area where your typical network isn't working.


·  eSim gives you the ability to switch your mobile network provider with a few taps of your phone screen. You can change networks with a phone call or app rather than ordering a new SIM.


·  This type of SIM card has the same benefit as dual-SIM phones. It is useful if you want a personal number and a business number.


·  Another benefit of eSIMS is that they will eventually replace the traditional SIM card. Smartphone makers might use this area to expand the battery capacity of their devices or introduce new functions.




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