Make Prune your go-to platform for online remittance. Here’s why!

Make Prune your go-to platform for online remittance. Here’s why! 

Are you planning to send money from India to your loved ones living abroad? Prune has got you covered with quick and easy international fund transfers that you can do from the comfort of your home. We’ll make sure that you’re able to transfer money in the most efficient way possible and that you stay connected with your dear ones with just a few taps on your phone. Let’s take a look at why our app and website will make your online forex experience a breeze. 

Low transfer fee

Prune makes online international money transfer cost-effective as compared to traditional bank visits. Our large team of capable experts ensures that your funds are transferred quickly and at the most competitive exchange conversion rates available in the market. So if you need to Send Money Abroad, you can trust Prune as your online remittance service provider without a doubt. 


With Prune’s instant money transfer from the online platform, you can save yourself from the hassle of dealing with tedious paperwork. The traditional remittance method takes days or weeks to transfer money to the beneficiary and forces you to deal with drafts, bank cheques, and money transfer agents. With Prune’s safe, reliable and transparent money transfer process, you can rest assured that you will be in control of the entire process without any trouble.

24/7 Service

In a case of an emergency where you need to transfer funds immediately to your family member or friend, Prune is there to assist you with quick online money transfer round the clock. Whether it is day or night, you don’t have to worry about agencies being open to assist you. All you need is your phone, internet connection, and cash in your account to help anyone in need. Our team will ensure that the money reaches the bank account of the beneficiary as fast as possible. 

Safe and secure

If you’re choosing an online fund transfer process for the first time, then you needn’t fret over the safety of your money transaction. In fact, our online process is far safer than the physical transactions from financial institutions and money agents. We are technically adept and have the resources to ensure complete safety and protection. This is one of the important reasons why online remittance is preferred these days. 

Quality of living

Remittances help enhance the financial situation of a person living abroad or in a homeland. The back and forth transactions play a big role in improving lifestyle, career prospects, and higher education. This process provides financial stability and has become a very important part of helping loved ones living in far-off countries. We are spread over 20 cities to enable you to remit money and take care of your needs.

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