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What is the best way to send money abroad?

Do you have a son or daughter pursuing higher studies abroad? Or do any of your loved ones have a career there? Then we understand your need to be there for them. Some situations can arise when you need to lend financial support to your family living overseas. Whether you need to transfer tuition fees for a new semester or send money for medical emergencies, you might wonder about the best way to remit money from India.

Prune is here to put an end to concern over sending money abroad. You can sit back and relax as our hardworking team takes care of it. Rest assured that your loved ones will receive the money on time with our reliable and affordable process. We have served more than 50,000 clients over the years who have used Prune for their currency needs

What do you require for sending money overseas?

  1. Banking details of the sender
  2. Banking details of the recipient such as name, address, the country they live in, International Bank Account Number, and Bank Identifier Code.

How long does the remittance process take?

It largely depends on the source you use for remittance. Sources such as banks and money vendors can take a long time because of their document formalities and procedures. There can also be unanticipated delays when sending money through them. On the other hand, the process is quick and easy with Prune. There is minimal paperwork, and we handle all the formalities on your behalf. Using our platform, your loved ones will receive the money in their account within 12 to 48 hours.

What are the trusted ways to transfer money internationally?

Online platforms

Websites such as Prune are quick, reliable, and secure for money remittance. The entire process is transparent, and the sender and receiver can track the money online. Also, there is competitive pricing with no additional charges.


Wire transfer is the direct way to transfer money from the sender's Indian bank account to the beneficiary's account. It is another practical way to send money overseas through credible online platforms.

How much does it cost to send money abroad?

  1. The cost of remittance depends on several factors. These could be the live foreign exchange rates, company charges, and bank charges.
  2. However, online platforms like Prune give you the best deal in the market. You can find the most competitive exchange rates using this website to send money abroad.

What documents do I need to exchange currency in India?

The following documents are necessary for money exchange in India:

  1. Personal details of the sender: Valid photo ID, Address proof (Voters ID/ Passport/ Aadhar Card/ Driving Licence)
  2. PAN Card of the sender
  3. Bank account details of the receiver
  4. Passport copy of the receiver
  5. Purpose of sending money and proof of it (Example: college tuition receipt)

What could be the reasons to transfer money abroad?

  1. Tuition fee for higher studies
  2. Medical care
  3. Donation or gift remittance
  4. Overseas investments
  5. Maintenance of holiday home
  6. Emigration

Who can you transfer money to abroad?

  1. Students pursuing higher studies
  2. Parents
  3. Siblings
  4. Friends

The money transfer is permissible for close relatives living abroad. You can also use the gift remittance option to send money to your friends.

Additionally, you can send money to hospitals, universities, schools, and other institutions abroad.

How much money can you send overseas?

A resident Indian can send no more than US $2,50,000 per year or its equivalent in any other currency.

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