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Best Motorsport Mobile Games of 2023


We live in an era of innovation and technology where mobile gaming has become a favourite pastime and a thrilling adventure that fits right in our pockets. Mobile gaming is gaining immense increased in popularity, from arcade-style experiences to high-speed racing thrills, particularly among children and youth. From casual gamers to dedicated enthusiasts, there's a mobile game for everyone.


Regarding mobile gaming, Moto and racing games have a separate fan base. Moto games are like a joyride for bike enthusiasts who love bikes and stunts. They provide a virtual playground where you will get the real-life experience of two-wheels without leaving your seat.


So, in this article, we will discuss some of the coolest, best Moto mobile games of 2023, both for Android and iOS.


1.    Real Moto:


 Real Moto is an excellent motorbike game for mobile gaming. It pulls you into the thrilling world of mobile motorbike racing with over 150 challenges to provide an immersive experience. The game features realistic engine sounds and speed, enhancing your racing adventure.


Moreover, there are over 150 challenges to keep you engaged. You can make your bike your own with 11 awesome motorcycles with several customization options!


The game is free on iOS and Android platforms, with over 10 million downloads.


Game Requirements


  • 1GB RAM required: Ensure your device has at least 1GB of RAM for smooth gameplay.
  • 145MB free storage: Keep a minimum of 145MB storage space free on your phone to install and enjoy the game.
  • Android 5.0+ or iOS: Make sure your device runs on Android version 5.0 or newer or iOS to play the game.


2.    Traffic Rider: 


Traffic Rider is a motorbike that offers extraordinary graphics and features. Players can enjoy thrilling experiences such as overtaking vehicles, perfecting the art of bike drifting, and completing missions to win exciting rewards. This game offers a range of track options for your rides, from highways and deserts to cities and winter scenes. Moreover, it gives you a chance to ride in both directions or just one, adding to the excitement of the game. The game is available for free both on iOS and Android devices. 


The game offers four specialized modes: 


  • Career Mode: You have to complete missions to earn money and coins. It has 79 missions for which it needs a powerful bike to complete.
  • Endless Mode: This mode has no time limits or finish line.
  • Time Trial: Reach the finish within 100 seconds by dodging traffic. Time runs out, which means you lose.
  • Free Ride: In this mode, you choose the traffic intensity according to your convenience, practice ride, and improve control.


Game Requirements 


  • RAM: Ensure your device has a decent 2 GB of RAM for optimal performance during gameplay.
  • Operating System: For iOS users, the game requires iOS 9.0 or newer, while Android users need at least Android 7.0 or a more recent version.
  • Processor: A speedy processor with a minimum speed of 1.8 GHz is necessary to handle the game's graphics and operations seamlessly.
  • Storage: A minimum of 350 MB of storage is required to install the game on your device



3.    SBK16


SBK16 is a very famous mobile game that lets you feel the excitement of the 2016 Moto FIM Superbike World Championship on your phone. The game offers top-notch 3D graphics and control options like a virtual joystick, a mobile gamepad, or simple gestures. You can choose from various races and challenges to showcase your skills and abilities. This game is available for both Android and iOS users.


The game offers modes: 


  • Championship Mode: You will get a complete championship experience, showcasing your skills across various races.
  • Quick Race: Jump right into a quick, adrenaline-pumping race, perfect for a burst of gaming excitement.


  • Time Attack: You will Race against professional competitors to set the best time possible on the tracks and prove your racing prowess.



Game Requirements


  • Your smartphone should have at least 2 GB of RAM
  • iOS 9.0 / Android 7.0 or newer
  • Processor speed of 1.8 GHz
  • A minimum of 250 MB of storage space


4.    Trial Xtreme 4 Moto


The game is very much similar to its previous Xtreme 3 moto. Players can use touchscreen controls or their device's gyroscope for a personalized gaming experience. 

Whether racing solo or competing against a second user in ghost mode, the thrill of the ride is always present.


In ghost mode, a transparent trail of the second player's actions is challenging to surpass. Moreover, players can connect the app to Facebook and compete against their friends, elevating the competitive spirit in the game.


Game Requirements 


  • At least 165 MB of available space on your device.


  • Android 5.1 or newer for Android devices.
  • iOS 10 or more recent for iPhone or iPad.


5.    Death Moto


It is one of the oldest and most popular motorcycle games we used to play. One exciting feature is the ability to grab tools along the road and throw them at other motorcycles to cause damage. Defeating a racer rewards you with a new helmet, unlocking access to various motorcycles.


The game is built similarly to many other moto racing games, with fast-paced races on busy city streets and highways. You'll face cops chasing you and deal with the bike's speed steadily picking up.




  • Cutting-edge 3D Graphics: Experience top-notch 3D visuals for an immersive gaming adventure.
  • Easy Controls: Navigate effortlessly with touch and tilt controls.
  • Thrilling Tracks: Race on captivating asphalt tracks.
  • AI Competition: Compete with rival sports and rushing cars controlled by AI.
  • HD Graphics: Enjoy stunning high-definition graphics.
  • Magnetic Coin Pickup: Automatically collect coins using magnets.



Each of the mentioned games has its distinctive qualities. Despite sharing a common theme, the gameplay of all these games is completely different, offering a unique and immersive experience to all users.


Future of Mobile Gaming in India


Mobile gaming is expected to grow much faster with advancements in technology. Some significant factors are:


  • Expanding Market: With a growing smartphone user base, mobile gaming is set to grow further, reaching a larger audience.


  • Technological Advancements: As technology improves, the gaming experience will become more immersive, integrating augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR).


  • Diverse Gaming Landscape: India's gaming landscape will continue to diversify, offering a range of games to cater to different tastes and preferences.


  • E-sports and Competitions: E-sports and competitive gaming will gain traction, creating a sense of community and encouraging skill development.


  • Social Gaming Experience: Mobile games will integrate more social elements, allowing players to connect, compete, and collaborate with friends and other gamers.


What do we at Prune think?


There was a time when mobile gaming was just a casual pastime, but in recent years, smartphones have evolved significantly by offering games with stunning graphics and immersive gameplay experiences.

Mobile games like PUBG, Call of Duty, and Free-fire have pushed the boundaries, giving a tough competition to traditional PC games

Moreover, the advent of live streaming over YouTube and other social media platforms has allowed gamers to showcase their mobile gameplay experiences to a global audience. Online streaming of mobile games has gained immense popularity, with players engaging with viewers and building communities around their gaming content.

Furthermore, organizing real-world sports like MotoGP racing and other arcade sports at different locations can significantly boost the Indian sports and gaming industry. An example of this is the inaugural MotoGP event in India, "Moto GP Bharat". This historic event showcases the sport's global appeal and presents a unique opportunity to promote sports and elevate the gaming industry in India.


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