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Deal Unlocked: Enjoy free YouTube Premium for three months


Over the past few years, YouTube has become one of the most accessible and highly used social media platforms. Its user-friendly interface and advanced recommendation algorithms make it simple for users to discover and engage in the content according to their preferences. YouTube made its debut in India in 2008, three years after its original launch in the United States in 2005.


With time, YouTube has made several changes in its policies and business model to adapt to the changing market landscape and cater to the needs of the modern generation. One of the eminent additions to their services is the YouTube Premium subscription, also known as YouTube Red. It was launched in India in 2019 as an ads-free subscription model, enhancing user viewing experience.


The exciting part is YouTube is currently offering a 3-month free premium subscription for all its users. The original price of YouTube Premium is 139 for a month and 399 for three months. However, you can avail of this offer completely free of cost and enjoy Youtube premium benefits along with Youtube Premium Music.


How to get YouTube Premium free?


There are over 80 million YouTube Premium users, so to get YouTube Premium free, it is essential not to have an existing YouTube Premium subscription. The process to access YouTube Premium for free is very simple. Just follow the steps:


●     Go to the YouTube application on your device and click on the profile icon.


●     Click "Get YouTube Premium" or "Try YouTube Premium", and you will be

prompted to a subscription plan.


●     Select the free 3-month offer and tap on "3-month free monthly subscription." 


●     Enter the bank card details and click on submit.


This grants you free access to YouTube Premium for three months. Afterwards, you must pay a monthly subscription fee of Rs 129 to continue the service. You can cancel the subscription several days before the offer expires to avoid any applicable charges.


You can also apply a trick to gain additional benefits; if you have multiple Gmail Ids, you can maximize the benefits by claiming the offer with an unused account for a YouTube premium subscription.



Benefits of YouTube Premium


You are now a premium member of the YouTube community!! It's time to explore what YouTube Premium offers.


●     Access to YouTube Premium allows you to watch videos efficiently without any ads.


●     You will also get free access to Premium music that allows users to download songs, watch videos along with the lyrics and a massive library of over 50 million official songs. 


●     YouTube Premium lets you play videos in the background, which means you listen to the YouTube song even if you switch to another application or lock your screen simultaneously.


YouTube Premium offers you three additional benefits over regular YouTube.


  1. Ad-free Content: Watch as many as videos without any ad disturbance


  1. Downloads: You can download any quality video and watch it offline.


  1. Picture In Picture: This feature gives you the option to listen to YouTube content while switching between the other applications on your device.


  1. YouTube Music Premium: As mentioned above, you can access premium music with millions of songs.


Alternate Ways to get YouTube Premium Free Trial


There are specific alternatives by which you can get a free trial of YouTube Premium for three months:


  1. Premium Referral Link: If an existing premium subscriber provides a referral link, you can access YouTube Premium for just $0.95. Although it's not entirely free, you can cancel the subscription anytime to avoid further charges.


  1.  Personalized Offer: This is more of a trick where you can get a 3-month free subscription, 1-month free subscription or No subscription at all. You often see YouTube provides personalized links to get a free trial for YouTube Premium; try opening the link in a new tab in incognito mode.


  1. YouTube Vanced: This is a third-party app developed by the Vanced team. It works similarly to YouTube and offers all the benefits of a YouTube Premium subscription. It is unavailable on the Google play store or the App Store; you need to download the mod from Google to access this application. However, YouTube Vanced is not 100% safe because it's not a legal entity of YouTube.


How to cancel a YouTube Trial after three months?


After enjoying the YouTube Premium free trial for three months, if you wish to cancel the trial, follow the steps:


●     Open the YouTube device on your mobile phone or open the YouTube website in your browser.


●     Tap on the profile to access the account details.


●     Select the "Paid Memberships" option; this will take you to the "YouTube Premium" page.


●     Click on "Cancel Membership" or Cancel free trial. YouTube may ask for confirmation to ensure that you want to cancel the subscription. Confirm the decision by clicking on the cancel option.


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