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What is a travel SIM card? – Prune


Phone connection is important when travelling overseas, especially if you want to stay in touch with your loved ones. Travel SIM cards can save you money on roaming charges as well as be useful.


This article breaks down all the key details concerning travel SIM cards and explains why you should look into getting one before leaving on an international vacation.


What is a travel SIM card?


A travel SIM is a SIM that enables you to connect to a local network in numerous nations across the world. With a travel SIM, you may avoid paying exorbitant roaming costs that your local operator or carrier could impose when you travel.


For frequent travellers, a travel SIM is a far more versatile solution than a local SIM, particularly if you have multiple destinations.


For the majority of nations throughout the world, Prune offers a great selection of international SIM cards. Our goal is to provide travellers with the greatest travel SIM card packages at the most affordable price so they can stay in touch with their loved ones, coworkers, and employers wherever they are.



Features of a travel SIM card


By using of travel SIM card customers may connect with friends, family, and coworkers wherever they are at the most affordable price. Packages are available based on the nation.


The key features of the travel SIM are listed below:


• Internet Data

• International minutes

• International SMS

• National minutes

• National SMS



Functioning of a travel SIM card


If you travel frequently and will be visiting various places, a travel SIM is a much more flexible alternative. Convenience is the main focus of travel SIM cards because they lower your roaming expenses.


A travel SIM card is configured to function on several networks in numerous locations across the world, as opposed to a local SIM card, which is only designed to function on one network that is present in a certain geographic area.


You can text, call, and use data via a local network when you change countries since the travel SIM card will give your phone a new, local number.



Advantages of a travel SIM card


The following are a few benefits of using a travel SIM card.


• Reduces expensive roaming charges.


• Any device that requires a SIM card can support it.


• Stay connected anywhere in the world.


• Travel SIM cards can be used by anyone, including tourists, business travellers, students, etc.

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