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Explore The Blooming Valley Of Flowers In Uttarakhand


Has wanderlust got a hold of you and making you crave for the cold, crisp air of the mountains? Then let loose your adventurous side with Prune’s travel experience and trek your way to this beautiful Valley of Flowers in Uttarakhand that is in full bloom this season. 

It’s one of the most famous trails where you’ll find over 500 species of flowers covering the serene land of the Himalayas. So what is the better way to unwind than a trek? Go with your friends to this fairyland that is one of the most famous bucket-list experiences in the world. Being a UNESCO World Heritage site, this trekking destination attracts travelers every year. The untouched beauty of the land is a treat to one’s eyes as you walk through the carpet of flowers. It’s a journey that takes a couple of days, so you can take a rest in intervals and bask in the scenic beauty. 


How challenging is the Valley of Flowers trek

It’s a moderate-level trek that requires its share of preparation before you go. So even if it’s your first time trekking, you can cover a distance of about 40 km with a basic level of fitness easily. Since the journey will take 4-5 days, you can take adequate breaks in between before carrying on with your adventure. However, keep in mind that the trek from Ghangaria to Hemkund Sahib is a lot more challenging with steeper paths. It is a trek of about 6 km and an experience worth taking. You can opt for mules or palkies to reach your destination if you like.

An experience to remember

Prune offers you an unforgettable travel experience in this piece of paradise. We’ll ensure that you have the best time of your life as you trek through the widespread meadows and waterfalls, a pilgrimage to the Hemkund Sahib, which is one of the most divine experiences in the world, and explore the local village life in Ghangaria village. 

While you’ll be mesmerized by the wide variety of flowers all around you, the valley is famous for the flower called Brahma Kamal. You’ll be lucky if you get to see it as it blooms for one night in a year! 

How to reach Valley of Flowers


The trek starts from the base camp Ghangaria, and we recommend that you use public transport to reach there as the roads are hilly and long. You can begin your journey from Haridwar on bus service. Depending on which bus you take, it will either take you directly to Govindghat or Joshimath. 

From Joshimath, you can make use of cab services to reach Govindghat. Once you arrive there, it’s a 14 km trek distance to Ghangaria. You can also make use of the helicopter service if you desire. You can begin your journey to Valley of Flowers after reaching the base camp. 


When to visit the Valley of Flowers


If you’re planning your adventurous getaway to the Valley of Flowers this year, the best time for the trek is in July and August, although one can enjoy the blooms between June and Mid-September as well. 


Where to stay


The 40 km journey begins from Pulna Village to the base camp at Ghangaria which can span up to four days. While no one is allowed to camp or stay the night at the Valley of Flowers since it is an eco-sensitive zone, there are camping arrangements available at Ghangaria. So during the trek, do carry packed food and water as there are no restaurants on the way. At Ghangaria or Govindghat, Prune can help you find the best food joints and camping accommodations. 

Route map to follow


Day one: To reach Govindghat, you need to catch a bus to Joshimath from either Haridwar or Rishikesh. 

Once you arrive at Joshimath, you can take a rest for the night. 


Day two: Once you’re well-rested and had breakfast, you can travel to Govindghat by cab. It will take about an hour to reach. After you reach Govindghat, you can start your 14 km trek to Ghangaria which is the base camp for the Valley of Flowers trek. There are camping accommodations and food joints available to stay the night. 


Day three: Finally, you can get started on your journey to Valley of Flowers. It will take you about 2 hours to reach there as you trek your way through the mesmerizing beauty of the Himalayas. Your destination will leave you enchanted with the flowers and picture-perfect beauty of the entire valley. Feel free to spend some time there but remember that no one can stay the night there. You need to return to Ghangaria for lodging on the same day.