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USA eSim: Connect Better with Prune


Planning a trip to USA in 2024? Enhance your travel experience with the new USA eSim and enjoy an affordable stay. With USA eSim, say goodbye to international roaming charges and welcome a reliable way to stay connected, regardless of destination. 


Prune eSim offers a streamlined process of getting a data plan, installing the e-SIM on your device, and easily connecting to a local network upon reaching your destination. It replaces the need for physical SIM cards by offering a user-friendly approach to make your travel experience much more accessible.


In this article, we will discuss the following.


  • E-sim plans for the USA 
  • Choosing a USA eSim
  • eSim Device Compatibility
  • How to Buy and Install USA eSim 
  • Advantages of Using Prune eSim 
  • FAQ'S


USA E-sim Plans 


Prune provides a range of eSim plans for the USA. These plans are designed to enhance your connectivity experience while you enjoy your trip to the USA. The plans are valid throughout the country with the following data options: 


  • 1GB data, Validity 7 days
  • 2GB data, Validity 15 days
  • 3GB data, Validity 30 days
  • 5GB data, Validity 30 days
  • 10G data, Validity 30 days
  • 20GB data, Validity 30 days


Additional Details to Consider:


Activation Method: Your eSim becomes active as soon as it connects to a compatible network, marking the start of its validity period.


E-KYC (Online Verification): Online verification is required during activation.



Choosing a USA E-SIM:  


Selecting the right USA eSim is crucial for an optimal travel experience. Consider the duration of your stay, the destinations you'll be visiting, and your data usage patterns. Prune's USA eSim is designed for seamless connectivity within the United States, making it the perfect choice for domestic travel. However, if your journey extends beyond the country's borders, explore Prune's regional or global eSim plans to ensure comprehensive coverage and uninterrupted connectivity wherever you travel. 


E-Sim device Compatibility


Before purchasing the USA eSim:


  1. Ensure compatibility with your Device.
  2. Contact your carrier's customer service to confirm your device is unlocked and ready.
  3. Make sure you've met all your payment and contract obligations.


How to Purchase and Set Up a USA eSim


If your device is eSim compatible, follow these steps to acquire and configure your USA eSim


Step 1: Purchase and Select an eSim


  1. Visit and choose the USA eSim for your upcoming travel.
  2. Consider key factors before purchasing, such as data allocation, validity period, and the total cost of the eSim package.


Step 2: E-SIM Installation


Ensure a stable Wi-Fi connection before installing. There are two methods for eSim setup:


  • Manual Configuration: Input eSim details in your device settings for a secure, direct installation.
  • QR Code: Initiate the installation process by scanning the QR code.


Step 3: eSim Activation


Follow the guidelines in the eSim's "Additional Information" section to activate it. Activation can happen immediately upon installation or connecting to a supported network at your destination.


Step 4: Connect to Local Network


Connect your eSim to the local network for online access and connectivity while in the USA. Activation steps differ for Android and iOS.


For Android Users:


  1. Access device settings.
  2. Navigate to Network and Internet.
  3. Tap the eSim line option.
  4. Enable Mobile Data.
  5. Activate Data Roaming.
  6. Choose a supported network from the eSim's additional information section list.


For iOS Users:


  1. Go to phone settings.
  2. Access Cellular/Mobile settings.
  3. Tap on the E-SIM line option.
  4. Click and toggle on the switch.
  5. Turn on Data Roaming.
  6. Tap on network selection and choose a supported network.



Advantages of Using Prune's E-sim 




  • Instant Accessibility: Prune's eSim grants you immediate access to mobile networks when you arrive in a new location, enhancing your travel experience.


  • Cost-Effective: With Prune's eSim plans, you only pay for the required data, avoiding extra charges for unused services. 


  • Global Reach: Prune's eSIM plans are available in more than 190 countries worldwide, offering seamless connectivity on all your travels. 


  • Environmentally Friendly: By eliminating the need for physical SIM cards, Prune's E-SIM reduces plastic waste and promotes eco-friendliness. 


FAQ’s for Prune's E-sim



Q1. How eSim Technology Works?


eSim technology operates by eliminating the need for physical SIM cards. While serving the same purpose as traditional SIM cards, eSim’s offer enhanced flexibility and convenience in managing cellular services.


Q2. How to Activate an eSim?


Activation methods may vary based on your carrier provider. Typically, you can activate your eSim by scanning a QR code provided by your carrier or manually entering activation details in your device settings.


Q3. Can I Deactivate or remove an eSim from my device?


You can deactivate your eSim profile directly from your device settings. However, for permanent removal, contacting your carrier provider for assistance is recommended.


Q4. Can I Retain my existing phone with an eSim?

 In most instances, you can port your existing phone number to an eSim. The feasibility of number portability depends on your carrier provider's policies and your device's compatibility.


Q5. Why should I choose an e plan over International Roaming Packs?


Ans. There are several reasons to choose E-sim plans over international roaming packs: 


  • Flexibility: eSim allows you to switch between local carriers quickly. You can easily choose a regional plan that offers better rates and coverage at your travel destination.


  • Cost-Effectiveness: Local eSim plans often offer more affordable rates than international roaming packs, reducing your communication expenses.


  • Multiple Numbers: With eSim, you can have multiple phone numbers on the same device. It helps separate personal and business numbers or have a local number abroad.



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What devices support e-SIM?​

As e-sim technology continues to expand more and more e-sim compatible devices are being released into the market.

As of December 2023, the updated list of e-sim compatible devices is as follows:

Note: (Before buying, verify that your device supports e-SIM and is carrier-unlocked to ensure a smooth and flexible experience)