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UK eSIM: Connect Better with Prune 


The United Kingdom, the birthplace of the great Shakespeare and The Beatles, is also a global influential center of culture and finance. Home to renowned universities like Oxford and Cambridge, UK captivates the eyes of tourists across the world with its scenic beauty, Bath’s Roman spa, beguiling castles, and Stonehenge. Above all, London – The Square Mile is a dream destination for most folks. So, if you are looking for United Kingdom eSIM then you have come to the right place. In today’s digital era, internet connectivity is a must, and physical SIM plans aren’t an option to suffice your needs. An eSIM UK is a great alternative to UK international roaming for multiple reasons. Our affordable eSIMs for the UK are a cost-effective alternative as they are available at affordable rates compared to UK International roaming plans, which in turn minimizes your communication expenses. Second, United Kingdom eSIMs are more flexible than the United Kingdom International roaming packs as they allow you to switch between network carriers. Third, with our UK eSIM for travel, you can have multiple eSIM profiles on the same device which allows you to keep your personal and business numbers separate.

Let us advocate why our Prune eSIM for UK is better than Airtel UK international roaming, VI UK international roaming, or Jio UK international roaming plan:

Saves up to 70%: The UK eSIM plan by Prune is a budget-friendly plan which helps you save up to 70% money. These packages are specifically curated to cater to your international data needs while being easy on the pocket. They eliminate the need to pay tons of money for today’s basic necessity; the internet.

Get SIMs within minutes: Prune does not dampen the mood of its customers. After buying the eSIM, Prune sends a mail to your registered mail address within a few minutes for you to have your eSIM quickly.

Easy activation: Our eSIM for UK allows users to enjoy the trip without fretting over the complicated method for activating the eSIM. After making the payment, you will receive an email regarding the eSIM. All you have to do is scan the QR code mentioned in the mail and voila!

Easy recharge: Worried about what to do after the data is exhausted? Don’t fret. Unlike other international roaming service providers, Prune allows you to easily top up your existing plan. You do not need to purchase a new plan every time you exhaust your data.

Eliminated roaming charges: With the Prune eSIM United Kingdom package, you can enjoy your trip and spend your hard-earned money on the activities you saved it for. Airtel international roaming, VI international roaming, or Jio international roaming plans are overpriced. Whereas, the eSIM for UK plan by Prune is an economical alternative.

Track usage: The eSIM packages by Prune allow the user to track the usage of the plan and keep them informed about everything. This transparency is highly celebrated at Prune but sidelined by other providers.

Validity starts on arrival: We take pride in calling our United Kingdom eSIM the best because the validity of our eSIM starts on arrival and not before that.

Thus, Prune has curated several affordable plans that cater to all the data needs of a tourist. We strive to provide you with a hassle-free and smooth travelling experience with our seamless connectivity and eSIMs. The eSIM UK plans provided by Prune are a cost-effective solution for your roaming data and connectivity needs. No matter the purpose of your trip, with our eSIM for UK you can enjoy your travels without worrying about anything. This article will enlighten you about the most affordable way to stay connected to the rest of the world during your trip to the UK.

Before we jump into details, let us understand what an eSIM is.

What is an eSIM?

An eSIM, short for embedded SIM, functions just like a physical SIM card but without the need for a physical card. Users can activate an eSIM easily through their device settings, making it a convenient option for travellers. Purchase a plan suitable to your needs, activate it, and connect to the local network upon arriving at the destination.

What Prune UK eSIM Package Offers

With Prune UK eSIM, users can enjoy seamless connectivity, affordable data plans, and the best digital experience. Prune offers a variety of cost-efficient best eSIM for UK plans that cater to all travelling data needs. These plans are specifically curated for various travel and data needs. Have a look at an array of plans:

·      Plan 1: 1GB data for 7 days

·      Plan 2: 2GB data for 15 days

·      Plan 3: 3GB data for 30 days 

·      Plan 4: 5GB data for 30 days

·      Plan 5: 10GB data for 30 days

·      Plan 6: 20GB data for 30 days

Moreover, there are many perks to choosing a UK eSIM plan:

·      Top-up available

·      Only data

·      Seamless connectivity

·      Affordable plans

·      Data tracking available

How the eSIM works

The process to set up eSIM on the device is a simple one. Follow the below-mentioned steps to set up the eSIM:

·      Download the Prune App or go to prune.co.in.

·      Choose the travel destination.

·      Pick a package that you need and desire.

·      Confirm the plan.

·      Fill in your contact and billing details.

·      Proceed to pay.

·      Check your email.

·      Scan the QR code.

·      Install the eSIM.

·      Activate the eSIM on your device.

·      Track the data usage.

Which United Kingdom eSIM card plan to choose?

Choosing the best package can be a confusing job. However, you can consider the following things before opting for a plan:

Regions you are travelling: If you are only planning to travel across the UK then the basic plans are enough for you. However, if you are planning to travel to other regions as well, you can opt for global packages instead.

Reason for travel: Purchasing a package depends upon your reason for travel. If you are travelling for a business trip, honeymoon, or exploring other parts of the world. Prune offers a wide array of the cheapest eSIM plans for UK ranging from 1GB to 20GB. Even if you are traveling for business or personal reasons you can opt for a package that suffices your business needs. 

Duration of your stay: Each eSIM comes with a validity period of 7 days, 15 days, and 30 days. Choose a plan that suits your needs the best. The duration of the stay can sometimes increase. If you plan on extending your stay, you can top-up the existing eSIM or purchase another.

Total data you need: Prune eSIMs are preloaded with a set amount of data like 1GB, 2GB, 3GB, 5GB, 10GB, and 20 GB. You can opt for the plan that suffices your data needs. Lesser data plans are the best option if you are on a business trip and need data. For personal trips packages with more data is a better alternative.


To sum up, Prune offers the best eSIM UK plans which cater to all your needs. It offers you seamless connectivity at affordable prices while eliminating the hassle of carrying an extra physical SIM.

Prune’s UK eSIM prepaid plans are the cheapest and most reliable packages for all your UK international roaming needs. Check out our other UK eSIM packages for your UK trip and save a huge amount of money. Buy eSIM for UKnow.