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Top 20 Best Places to Visit in Munnar in 2022

Breathtakingly beautiful at all times, Munnar is one of the most picturesque hill stations in India, and also the largest tea-growing region. Located at an elevation of nearly 1,500 meters, this breathtaking location offers stunning low mountain scenery, replete with its veil of hazy mist, providing you with the dreamlike experience you’ve been looking for. With its verdant landscapes, climate and spectacular views of tea plantations and forests, Munnar has become favourite holiday destination for tourists. Here we list out the best places to visit in Munnar which will help you plan your holidays trip to Munnar.


Echo Point

Visitors usually get astounded by the scenic beauty of the Munnar’s Echo Point. One will get to witness the glorious façade of the mountainous landscapes and the underlying lake which altogether becomes a marvelous feast for the eyes.  Travelers can scream away their stress at this viewpoint where the phenomenon of echoing voices travels through the mountains. It is the perfect place to relax during tours and click some wonderful pictures amidst nature as well.

Atukkad Waterfalls

The location is set amidst the tranquility of the forest and the beautiful lush green hills surrounding the waterfalls. The place serves as an ideal spot where picnics can be enjoyed and the self can be refreshed at the cool water of the falls. The surroundings also provide beautiful picturesque settings where travelers will have a splendid time capturing some of life’s pristine moments, including the hiking trails that offer both adventure as well as spiritual fulfillment.

Elephant Lake

The lake offers several options for the enjoyment of visitors. Firstly, we have the surrounding scenic views of the green hills that simply create incredible picture-perfect backgrounds. Secondly, there are boat-riding facilities for travelers to experience the serenity of the lake in a better way. Finally, there are local eateries, tea-stalls where people can get refreshments to have sitting beside the lake. It altogether is the perfect place to enjoy leisure trips and enjoy away from the harshness of the city.

Anamudi Peak

It is a place where travelers can walk amidst the clouds and breathe the pure-fresh mountainous air that cleanses the mind and body.  Moreover, the picturesque environment of the peak is simply incomparable. Photography lovers will have wonderful time clicking pictures of some of the priceless candid moments of nature amidst an enriched undisturbed heritage. One can simply have a peaceful walk around the peak, observing the distinct beauty of the place.

Top Station

One will feel an adventure upon reaching the place because on the way upwards travelers will inevitably go through the Dam and river-side. Such spots are great to observe and click pictures along the way. Furthermore, at the spots one will get some of the magnificent natural views of South India. The Top Station is in itself a natural marvel because of the pleasing sceneries it provides. The most fulfilling time would be during early morning, when visitors can walk amidst the clouds and glance at the wondrous spectacle of the rising sun.


Tata Tea Museum

This famous tea museum takes visitors back to the enriched histories of tea-making in our country. The authorities in-fact showcase some of the most distinct and finest specimens of tea within the galleries and one can take a tour through the entire production process from scratch. A short movie is also showcased, so as to present the history of tea in an entertaining and educational manner. Visitors are also offered the privilege of buying some of distinct forms of tea that are seldom available in other parts of the world.

Kundala Lake

The lake is as entertaining as it is peaceful to be. Visitors are offered several options to enjoy their time, ranging from horse-riding to boat-riding and attractive spots for photo-shoots. It is also one of the most preferred picnic spots of Munnar, because of the undisturbed and immensely serene environment. One will overall feel peace amidst the green surroundings and will also feel spiritually relaxed in front of the vastness of the lake. There are also various local eateries at the place where visitors will get to taste some of the tastiest local cuisines as well.


The Chithirapuram Palace is a luxurious place to stay during holidays and the location also serves the adventurous purposes of enthusiastic travelers. The hiking zones around the vicinity of the palace are windy trails encompassing wondrous natural views and there are certain steep parts where people are required to show some skills so as to enjoy the breathtaking views.  The place is also one incredible architectural marvel, where as much as the services are of high standards, the designs and structures are also fascinating to observe.


Devikulam is a sanctuary for the ones who seek a blissful experience amidst nature. Constituting a massive lake surrounded by immense greenery and mesmerizing sceneries, the place is definitely the paradise for aspirant travelers. The place also constitutes waterfalls that serve great picnic spots and picturesque zones for the delight of visitors. Moreover, we have the tea and spice plantations scattering across the valleys that are beautiful to observe and appreciate.


Home to the famous Power House Waterfalls, Chinnakanal is a village that peacefully resides amidst the intact eco-system of South India. Travelers will have a splendid time learning about new traditional values, customary laws and in-fact get to taste some of the tastiest traditional cuisines served around the region. The adjoining places are filled with viewpoints and waterfalls where visitors can relax, enjoy leisure tours, click some memorable photographs and perhaps enjoy some lifetime picnics as well.


Eravikulam National Park

Eravikulam National Park is indeed a natural wonder at the hill station. Travelers can take the rides provided by authorities and explore through the habitat which is home to several wildlife species. The hiking trails will also provide unique adventures for tourists. The roads are full of magnificent scenic landscapes of the surrounding mountains and green valleys. One will have some intense wildlife encounters along the way as well. If the coincidence is timed right, visitors might get to observe the lifestyle of the famous Nilgiri Tahr.

Mattupetty Dam and Lake

The location reflects the beauty and tranquil essence of water bodies whose atmosphere simply refreshes the being. One can embark on boat rides and experience the freshness and purity of the natural air dominating the lake. Moreover, the scenic beauty is extraordinary. Whilst on a boat ride, travelers will have remarkable picture-perfect backgrounds where some of life’s pristine moments can be captured. There are also several sections to relax, local food stalls and picnic spots where people can enjoy amidst the serenity of nature.


Pallivasal is a peaceful village near Munnar and bears some great tourist spots for visit. The famous Pallivasal Falls is what captivates visitors with extraordinary scenic views and an enriched lush-green environment where peace and mental satisfaction can be obtained. We also have the first hydro electric project of the country that revolutionized electrical systems and solved many social issues in the process during the time of development. Travelers can explore the village, learn about distinct cultures, get along with the humble natives and have a splendid time outdoors during holidays.

Rose Garden

Travelers can drop by for some refreshing time and picture-perfect moments during tours around Munnar. The Rose Garden is conveniently located around the vicinity of major tourist destinations like Top Station and Tea Museum. One can go through a wide range of flowers, especially different kinds of roses. The entire place is further enhanced by the well-maintained structures and the overwhelming natural fragrance that covers all the gardens. Visitors can also take home sandalwood oil, herbal plants and naturally processed honey from the shop too.

Muniyara Dolmens

This historical site constitutes a group of megalithic tombs that were made hundreds of centuries ago. Firstly, the serenity that prevails at the spot is spiritually pleasing. One will be overwhelmed by the freshness of the atmosphere and the surrounding green hills. Nature lovers will have the best time witnessing the glorious façade of nature, observe the ancient ruins and learn how ancient civilizations flourished. The trip will further be enhanced by a guide who can narrate the historical context of these fascinating ancient structures.


Marayur is recognized as the rain shadow village and has a complete natural growth of sandalwood trees. The abundance of sandalwood is due to less rainfall and altogether makes the place incredibly beautiful, worth everyone’s observance. Trekking enthusiasts will have endless adventures at such parts exploring through the valleys, driving the body to nature’s limits and seeking a spiritual sanctuary amidst the glorious heritage of nature. One’s photogenic moments will seldom end with the friendly natives who always welcome travelers to their enriched cultures.

Blossom Hydel Park

It is the perfect place to relax during tours and intense hiking trips. The gardens and flowers are situated at the river front, altogether making the environment a serene and beautiful place. One will have colorful backgrounds for attractive photos and the nearby stalls offer refreshments, snacks and light-weight food so that people can eat along-with enjoyment. It is an escape for the commoners who follow a busy life and for travelers who seek sheer peace away from the city.

Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary