Tips for using your phone while travelling abroad: Prune

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Tips for using your phone while travelling abroad - Prune



As a traveller, you can discover new places and cultures and disconnect from your daily lifestyle. But when travelling overseas, you may still feel the need to stay connected with your loved ones and let them know about your journey. A good connection and phone is a must for staying in touch with other travellers, locating affordable hotels and navigating public transportation systems in addition to using it for social media and news browsing.


If you're travelling alone or for a long time, your phone is an important means of connecting with your friends and family back in India. Here are some suggestions to help you avoid paying high international roaming fees if you intend to use your existing phone for your trip abroad.



Use international mobile plans


Adding an international service to your current mobile plan can go a long way. It is one of the best ways to use your phone abroad. And while it can still be expensive, it will still be lesser than foreign roaming. Another advantage is that you can retain your existing number and use your phone as soon as you reach your destination. Prune offers the best international mobile plans on the app and website! So you can upgrade to an international mobile plan anytime and in seconds.



Get a local SIM card.


Purchasing a prepaid SIM card when you reach a foreign country is cost-effective. But before you decide you do it, verify with your network provider whether it's possible to use another local SIM before your travel. And give your new international number to your loved ones so they can contact you after you change the SIM card.



Ensure your phone is unlocked


It's important to unlock your smartphone so that it can function on the wireless network abroad before changing your SIM card. You can reach out to your network carrier for this and request them to unlock your phone if need be. You can place this request in stores or online.



Use WiFi to stay connected


WiFi is a fantastic alternative for staying in touch while travelling overseas if your carrier offers it. You can use your smartphone with its services just like you would back home. And the bonus point is that this service is typically free. But it also comes with a drawback. You can only use this if you have WiFi, and hotspots might not be accessible wherever you go.



Rent a phone


While it's not always possible, renting a phone is an additional choice for staying in touch abroad. Typically, you can locate vendors offering this service in airports or hotels. It does offer convenience if you need it, but keep it as a backup choice. The drawback is that it can be pricey to rent a phone, with limited calling and texting services available. And the privacy of your data can be a concern.



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