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Planning your next trip? Check out these safe travel destinations for 2022! - Prune

As the threat of a new Covid-19 variant looms over us again, don’t let it hold you back from setting out for your next travel destination this new year. As long as you strictly follow the necessary precautions, you can still pack your bags and fly out for your vacation. While many places are under the radar of Omicron and have restrictions and curbs in place, there are other picture-perfect and scenic locales which are relatively safer to visit in 2022! Here’s a list of safe places compiled by the experts at Prune you can pick for your travel plans.


The beautiful island country Jamaica is one of the must-visit destinations for every travel enthusiast. Located in the Caribbean Sea, it is the fourth largest island country known for its tropical vibes throughout the year. And it is known for golden sand, azure waters, and salty air. And not just that, the country also boasts mesmerising waterfalls, banana groves, and majestic mountains for a rejuvenating time. Jamaica has earned a Level 2 travel advisory, and while you still need to maintain precautionary measures during your visit here, it is still a safer country to visit where you can enjoy the summer vibes at their best.

United Arab Emirates

There are many reasons why you should add UAE to your travel bucket list for 2022. It is a country with beautiful architecture, luxurious hotels, shopping centres, endless beaches, mountains, and a lot more. And not to mention, it boasts some of the top landmarks, such as the tallest building in the world, Burj Khalifa in Dubai, and intricate mosques in the largest state of Abu Dhabi. For this year, UAE has gotten a Level 1 travel advisory and has low Covid-19 cases, making it a safe destination to plan your next international travel.


If you are dreaming about a picture-perfect and exotic escape for your vacation, look no further than Fiji! It is home to over 300 islands, and their beauty will enthrall you to no end. The beaches here are lined with palm trees, and these make for the perfect secluded spots for your luxurious getaway. Fiji is known for eye-catching waves, private islands, relaxing spas, and resorts making it the holiday destination to remember for a lifetime! The country has received a Level 1 travel advisory and has low cases of infection. But getting tested for Covid-19 on your arrival here is mandatory as an additional safety measure.


A glorious island destination of the Caribbean, Grenada is a sight to behold with its colourful carnivals, thrilling water sports activities, and enchanting beaches. And if you’re a fan of rum, Grenada is well known for its large rum production that goes centuries back. And you can also enjoy a variety of island-grown spices in traditional cuisine, take a hike to the major waterfalls, seek solitude at the beaches, and experience a relaxing stay at the iconic boutique hotels. Grenada has got a Level 2 travel health advisory and is welcoming travellers with all the Covid-19 related arrangements in place such as testing and quarantine centres.

The Bahamas

Yet another destination known for spectacular beaches, the Bahamas is a place that consists of around 700 breathtaking islands. Here, you can stay at luxurious hotels and enjoy scuba diving and fishing activities to your heart’s desire. And other things that will make your trip memorable here is the lip-smacking Bahamian cuisine, endless markets for shopping, pink sand beaches, and cultural festivals filled with music that will have you dancing. It is a place that will leave you with happy memories for sure! The island has got a Level 2 travel advisory, and strict Covid-19 protocols are in place for the safety of the travellers and locals.

New Zealand

During the last two years of the pandemic, New Zealand was hit hard with Covid-19 cases. However, in 2022, the situation looks more hopeful, and you can look forward to visiting the country this year soon. It is a lovely destination that has been featured in movies such as The Lord of the Rings series and boasts breathtaking landscapes. You can witness the majestic views of the mountains, ethereal glaciers, and lush greenery. And besides the picturesque scenery, you will love to mingle with the friendly and polite locals, experience their Maori culture, and devour delicious food and wine that is famous here.


Iceland is declared one of the safest places to travel to in 2022. So if you’ve always wanted to experience the magical sight of aurora borealis, witness the mysterious lava rocks and black beaches, take a dip in the geothermal lake, and more in Iceland, then don’t delay your travel there any further! This Nordic island nation has endless stunning views of the landscapes to offer throughout the year. And you will love visiting the place in summer, which is a time when the sun never sets here.

Which destination would you like to travel to this year? Let us know!

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