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Got jabbed? Phuket is now welcoming fully vaccinated travellers: Prune

As the Covid-related curbs brought our dreamy international trip ideas to a standstill earlier, the world is slowly opening its doors again to tourists. And that includes Phuket, the biggest and beautiful island of Thailand that sits in the majestic Andaman Sea. So, if you wish for a lavish island getaway, the Tourist Authority of Thailand has announced that you can now visit the country without the mandatory 2-weeks hotel quarantine under their sandbox program. 

Now that the festival and winter season are in full swing, the country’s tourism industry hit hard by the pandemic is hoping to revive itself soon. And we’re certainly not complaining now, are we? The sandbox model has given us another reason to pack our bags with more relaxed rules and regulations concerning Covid, which includes a 7-day stay in a designated area upon arrival and Covid tests. And now, you can directly make your way to the stunning island of Phuket with a quarantine-free travel scheme and enjoy your stay there for up to 14 nights before heading to other destinations in Thailand. That wouldn’t be so hard to pull off, right?

And if this news has you already gearing up for your next Thailand vacay, Prune has you covered with its best and affordable tour packages to Phuket, so you can make the most of your time there without running into travel snags. Our experts ensure that your trip abroad is seamless and memorable, and the travel experiences can also be customized based on your taste and preference. If the salty air and pristine waters of Phuket appeal to you, get in touch with Prune right away so we can help you organize the best travel experience you’ll ever have abroad.

Reasons why you should make Phuket your next vacay spot

The huge island of Phuket province in southern Thailand is dotted with popular and hidden gems and has something to offer for everyone. You can unwind at the islands like Phi Phi, experience the beautiful nightlife of Patong Beach, try out adventure activities like kayaking, indulge in scrumptious seafood, and more. The place is always brimming with lively activities and sunshine, so there will never be a dull moment during your visit with your family and friends. 

And if you’re a shopaholic, you must check out the weekend markets, street shops, and high-end brands in shopping malls, and something will catch your fancy there. So, if this sounds like your ideal vacation where you get to try out a little of everything, let Prune help you plan out the perfect itinerary and tour package, so you can enjoy the vibrant life of this island with the industry’s experts to guide you and help make your stay comfortable. Here are some of the top Phuket tour packages offered by Prune that you can check out! 

  1. Phuket Jet Ski Tour to 7 Islands - Prune offers a thrilling island hopping tour with private jet skis in the beautiful paradise that is Phuket. And you will not only get to experience the popular spots but hidden gems too which are away from the tourists' crowds. Our expert tour guide will take you through the stunning islands and views of the ocean here. 


    Price - From Rs 13,998 (For up to 2 people per group)

    2. Phuket Night Food Tour and Old Town’s Magical Lights - Experience the lively and exciting nightlife of Phuket with Prune, where you get to sample the mouth-watering dishes from diverse cuisines such as Chinese-Thai fusion, Southern Thai, Chino-Portuguese, and more. Our food guide will ensure that you have an amazing experience trying out the food and drinks while sightseeing the vibrant streets.


    Price - From Rs 7348

    3. Phi Phi Island Speed Boat Tour - While you’re visiting Phuket, don’t forget to check out the spectacular island of Phi Phi with our full-day tour on a         speedboat. And this tour, you will get to explore the beaches, hidden spots, bays, and more. And if you’re feeling adventurous, diving into the azure waters to enjoy snorkeling is a must-have experience! 


      Price - Rs 9129

    4. Phuket Luxury Boat Tour - Enjoy a VIP experience during your vacation in Phuket with our lavish boat tour. The spacious and beautiful boat, with hospitable staff and crew, will keep you comfortable throughout the day. And the tour also includes finger-licking delicacies from traditional Thai cuisine as you enjoy the mesmerizing views of the island all around you. 

      Price - From Rs 12360

  5. Phuket Jungle Hiking - Bring out your wild side and delve into the jungles and wilderness of Thailand with Prune’s Jungle Hiking Excursion in Khao        Phra Teaw Park. The tour includes an adventurous trek through the lush jungles with rocky trails, waterfalls, and wildlife. And you will also get to relish a delicious Thai lunch at a famous local restaurant here. 


      Price - From 5315


If you're planning your trip to Phuket and want to learn about other tour packages at the best prices, contact Prune right away! To learn more details, visit the Prune website or download the app now.