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One Plus Open Review: is it worth buying?

With the advancement in technology, the foldable phone race is heating up as new players enter the market. With Samsung starting the trend with its Galaxy Fold and Flip devices, One Plus has entered the market with its first One Plus foldable smartphone.

On Thursday, October 19th 2023, One Plus officially announced its much-awaited foldable phone, One Plus Open, in the launch event "Open for everything". It is one of the most significant launch events by One Plus to introduce their new line of handsets in the market. 

So, in today's article, we will be reviewing One Plus Open, its display, camera performance, battery life and overall usability. So, please read the article till the end to know whether it's worth buying. 

One Plus Open Features and Specifications 


• Large main screen: 7.82-inch with sharp 2K resolution and bright AMOLED technology.

• Compact cover screen: 6.31-inch with good FHD+ resolution.


• A powerful Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip with an excellent Adreno 740 GPU.

Memory and Storage:

• Plenty of RAM: 16GB.

• Big storage: 512GB.

Operating System:

• It runs on Android 13 with OxygenOS 13.2.


• It Supports two nano SIM cards.


• High-quality cameras with features like zooming and great video recording.

• Hasselblad camera features excellent photos.

• Good front cameras for selfies.


• It Supports USB Type-C audio.

• It has three stereo speakers with Dolby Atmos.


• Easy-to-use side-mounted fingerprint scanner.

Water Resistance:

• Splash proof (IPX4) which means it can handle some splashes.

Dimensions and Weight:

• It's slim and lightweight when opened.

• Slightly thicker and heavier when closed.


• It supports 5G, 4G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and more for connectivity.


• Decent 4085mAh battery with fast charging at 67W.

One plus Open Price


The OnePlus Open has two stylish options: Emerald Dusk with a glass back and Voyager Black with a vegan leather back. The single 16GB + 512GB model's pricing is Rs. 1,39,999.


You can pre-order it from Amazon, in the OnePlus Store App, in OnePlus Experience Stores, Reliance Digital, and Select Partner Stores. The official sale begins on October 27th.

One Plus Open Display Review

One Plus Open has a large 7.82 AMOLED display with a sharp 2K resolution (2440 x 2268). On the outside, it has a secondary 6.31-inch Super Fluid AMOLED screen with a resolution of 2484 x 1116. These displays are larger and more detailed than the Pixel Fold and Samsung Z Fold 5, which is a big plus considering the phone's price. 

Overall, this phone is an excellent choice if you talk about screen and display. Scrolling through websites or apps is smooth, and everything happens quickly without glitches. The video quality is also clear and colourful. 


When you watch videos on full-screen, black bars are at the top and bottom because of the screen shape, which might feel odd. But the cool thing is you can move videos to the inside screen and keep using the other screen at the same time. Overall, we rate the display as 7/10, considering all the factors, from resolution to video streaming.


Camera Review 

The camera is the main highlight of this phone: a 48MP main camera, a 64MP telephoto lens, and a 48MP Sony ultra-wide lens. One Plus has taken a high-end approach by partnering with Hasselblad to enhance image processing. They have also included various modes to ensure the foldable camera doesn't compromise quality. They've done a great job in achieving their goal. Compared to the Samsung Galaxy Fold, the One Plus open camera quality looks much more promising.


If we talk about the primary camera, its picture quality looks really good when there's plenty of light. It's as good as its rivals, the Pixel Fold and Galaxy Z Fold 5. For example, a picture of a man sitting on a bench in sunny daylight shows lots of detail, nice contrast, and a good balance of light and dark areas


The 48MP ultrawide camera is also good. It works well outside when it's sunny. It makes colours more vivid than the Pixel Fold, but the pictures still look nice. Overall, its camera is 8/10, giving you the flexibility to capture vibrant and lively images in various situations.


Battery Performance 



One Plus Open comes with a 4805mAh battery with super-fast charging at 67W, which is good enough for normal day usage and outstanding considering its dual screen setup. According to the battery test reports, OnePlus Open has the best battery life among foldable phones, lasting around 11 hours and 45 minutes when set to a 60Hz refresh rate. It may not beat regular flagship phones like the iPhone 15 Pro Max or Galaxy S23 Ultra, but it is way better than the Pixel Fold (which lasted about 9 hours and 46 minutes) and even outperforms the Galaxy Z Fold 5 (which managed 11 hours and 25 minutes in the same test). 


Similar to other OnePlus devices, the OnePlus Open features fast charging capabilities. When it's time to refill your battery, it only takes about 50 minutes to go from empty to 100 per cent, so you won't have to wait long to have a fully charged phone. Notably, the OnePlus Open includes a charger, which sets it apart from many other flagship phones. Overall, we will rate it 9/10 for its battery performance.


Software Review 


With the Oxygen OS interface, One Plus Open forms an elegant UI display, similar to Google Pixel's version of Android. One of the best things about OxygenOS 13.2 on the OnePlus Open is how well it manages multitasking. Foldable phones, like small tablets, have struggled with this, but OnePlus has made it work smoothly.


On the inner side, which we call the "Main screen," the phone functions like a tablet. It has a taskbar at the bottom with easy access to your favourite apps, recently used ones, and a couple of handy shortcuts like a pop-up app drawer and a file manager. You can make it work the way you want, enhancing your overall in-hand experience. 


Moreover, You can use split-screen apps on the OnePlus Open with a simple drag and drop from the taskbar. It allows you to have up to three apps open simultaneously. Overall, it is excellent software, and we rate it 8/10, giving credit to One Plus for presenting a different perspective on foldable phones in the market. 


Prune's Final Review (8/10)


One Plus Open is not very good, but it is worth buying if you plan to purchase it. Considering it is the first foldable phone, OnePlus nailed it with a high-end design that looks and feels more polished than the Pixel Fold and Galaxy Z Fold 5. However, there are some concerns related to battery life, but it is expected from a foldable phone.


In addition to the impressive design, the OnePlus open offers a commendable performance, a powerful processor and a smooth user experience. The device's display is stunning, and the large screen real estate makes multitasking a breeze. OnePlus has also made changes in optimizing the software for the foldable form factor, resulting in a more seamless experience when transitioning between different modes. 


Despite the concerns about battery life, OnePlus has provided adequate charging solutions to mitigate this issue, and with regular daily usage, the phone should easily last through the day. Overall, the OnePlus Fold represents a significant step forward in foldable smartphone technology. 


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