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The Nokia Brick phone has made a smashing return, and we’re feeling the nostalgia! – Prune


It’s vintage for the win for us millennials as the iconic Nokia 6310 is making a comeback in the Indian market! The new 2021 version will retain its legendary ‘brick’ solid design, and come equipped with the most popular snake game that made our early 2000s fun and cool. And we must say, it’s a breath of fresh air from the endless variety of expensive and ultra-slim smartphones that are hitting the market these days, and give them a run for their money for sure! Yes, let’s not forget the indestructible build and long battery life that it was known for almost 20 years ago post its release. 


And now, years later on its 20th anniversary, the developer HMD Global has decided to bring back the Nokia Brick phone, and we’re all in for its new retro look and classic features. Aside from its vintage core elements, the modernized version of the phone will sport a slimmer body, larger color screen, wireless FM radio, and 21-day battery life! Yes, we might not be able to send a snap or upload on Instagram, but if you’re craving some simplicity, this is a good deal for a change. 



Old is gold and bold!


The early 2000s is back to ruling the present scene, whether it comes to style trends or the Bollywood music remixes. And the tech industry is not far behind, with its decision to bring back the Nokia Brick phone this year. If you’re rooting for the revamped version like we are, let our experts at Prune look into its specifications for you! 


The 2021 version of the Nokia 6310 has a 2.8-inch bright color screen with a larger and slimmer curved body. It also has an improved 8MB of internal storage and 16MB RAM, which is a decent upgrade from its predecessor. And its other cool new features include enhanced accessibility and readability, super long battery life that lasts for weeks, wireless FM radio, and dual-SIM capability. And if you’re wondering about the camera, you will get a 0.3MP camera feature on its rear end. But of course, let’s not forget the classic snake game that will come with it and how well the device still retains its originality. 


So, if you want to revisit the past nostalgia with this tough-shelled phone, you can take your pick from attractive colors of the new Nokia 6310, such as Yellow and Black, at just Rs. 3390! 



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