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Visit these Insta-worthy colourful streets of India! - Prune



India is a country that boasts a rich history, culture, and art in every nook and corner. From bustling street markets to chic cafes, intricate monuments to modern skyscrapers, there are endless places to explore here. And if you love to check out art or are looking for the next best spot for a photo shoot, you must take a stroll through these beautiful colourful streets of India with your camera in hand!


These streets are known for their colourful artwork, which depicts stories and history and sheds charm on a neighbourhood. So, for the love of art, we have rounded up the most beautiful and colourful streets of India, which you can add to your travel bucket list right away! Read on.



Fontainhas, Goa


The party capital of India has a lot more to offer than just scenic beaches and iconic pubs. The old Latin Quarters located in the heart of Goa is a treat for the eyes with its brightly painted architecture. The Portuguese-style houses and quaint lanes will take you back in time and make you fall in love with the bright colours which adorn them. As you walk through the streets, you can spot pastel-coloured houses, chapels, cafes, and other heritage buildings dotted throughout the lanes. So enjoy a photoshoot and try out the delicious food and refreshing beer here during your next visit to Goa with your gang!



French Quarter, Pondicherry


Pondicherry is world-famous for its pristine beaches and breezy lifestyle. Once a French colony, a major portion of the city is still ruled by its influence with vivid Colonial-era buildings. The picture-perfect French Quarter flaunts heritage villas, boutique hotels, restaurants, cafes, and churches. These make for a great photo backdrop for your Instagram as you cycle or walk down the network of heritage streets. Along with the architecture, there's endless greenery, flowers, and sunshine for a fun day out! While you're here, you must also enjoy the delectable French cuisine, sip on delicious wine, and experience the French culture like never before!



Lodhi Art District, Delhi


The streets of Delhi always have only the best things to give! Whether it's piping hot roadside snacks or shopping fashion on a budget, the capital of India will never let you down. And while you're taking a tour of the capital city, you must check out the Lodhi Art District. The aesthete in you will fall for the colourful murals and intricate patterns artists have passionately worked on here. The colony brims with eye-catching artwork throughout the streets, making it the perfect spot for your photography tours. And what makes the place even better is that it is pedestrian-friendly, so you can take your time peacefully exploring the art without worrying about the city traffic.



Malleswaram, Bangalore


One of the most popular neighbourhoods of Bangalore got an art makeover last year, making it a rage among the locals and tourists alike. The city-based artists created a display of lively street art, which depicts the theme of sustainability and captures the city's character and essence. As you walk through the bylanes, you will spot paintings such as traditionally dressed girls, marigold flowers, the aromatic Sampige flowers that Malleswaram is well known for, and sparrows. The cheery colours, intricate designs, thoughtful murals make this place a must-visit when you're in the city.



Blue streets of Jodhpur


The stunning streets of Jodhpur are here to give you the good blues! The city is known for its shades of bright blue that most of the old houses, walls, and staircases are painted with, making it an offbeat spot for your photo-op. Take a 'blue city walk' starting from the Chandpole Gate, and you will find yourself surrounded by a sea of colourful streets that you cannot help but capture with your camera right away. Many points offer a panoramic view of the city, so make sure to take a tour guide along or mingle with the friendly locals who will help you find the perfect points to take pictures.



Bandra, Mumbai

Take a tour of one of the iconic neighbourhoods of Mumbai, which flaunts detailed street art from artists across India. The intensely coloured walls, shapes, and patterns on different themes give a big dose of beauty to the cobbled lanes. You will prominently find graffiti work on Bollywood movies and actors, such as Madhubala's elegant poses, along with the portraits of Rajesh Khanna and Amitabh Bachchan. During your visit, you must also check out the quirky cafes and restaurants that will make your colourful experience of strolling through the streets wholesome!


Which colourful city of India would you like to visit first? Let us know!



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