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Did you miss out on Minecraft Live 2021 event? Here’s everything you need to know! – Prune


It’s time to put your game face on as the exciting news and updates from Minecraft Live 2021 are finally out! Minecraft, which is one of the most iconic and successful video games created by hot-shot developer Mojang Studios, has got new updates. 

If the gaming enthusiast in you has been waiting for these announcements, the wait is over! The Mojang Studios held an annual entertaining Minecraft Live event on October 16, that set the stage for major reveals and game updates. The standout highlights of the event included the Minecraft update, news about Minecraft Dungeons, and what to expect from the game in the next year. If this has got you excited like we are, then Prune has put together the important announcements for you to stay up-to-date. Here’s what you need to catch up with! 



The second edition of Minecraft Live


The annual event by Mojang Studios was hosted live for the second year in a row, which showcased news about the Minecraft game and what to expect from it in the future. The game enjoys a large fan base worldwide and is a hit among Xbox and PC gamers. This year, the Minecraft Live 2021 covered a huge update for the game, and the future of Minecraft Dungeons you don’t want to miss! 


Minecraft: The Wild Update


The next big thing to expect from the game is Minecraft’s wild update that will roll out in 2022. While we’re yet to get the Caves and Cliffs update, this news made it on the top list of this year’s event. This new edition of the game will focus on enhancing Minecraft’s overworld biomes and bring exciting new features. With the update, the less than thrilling biome will turn into a wild ride while playing the game. You can expect taller trees, frogs, wildflowers, shrubs, boats with chests, a new block of mud, and more. The update will also bring an addition of Mangrove Swamp that will have a new mangrove wood type and will help tweak the existing Minecraft’s biome. 


Minecraft: Caves and Cliffs Update


The Caves and Cliffs update developed by Mojang Studios comes with a long list of features. And because of this, the update was divided into two parts. If you’re already through the first part released as a Java and Bedrock edition on June 7, you can expect the second part to release by the end of this year. As a passionate Minecraft gamer, you’ll be thrilled to see all-new features in part two. Think large caves, new biomes, hidden structures, and mountain generations. However, the event announced that the Deep Dark of the Caves will be postponed until the release of The Wild update. 


Minecraft Dungeons: The Cloudy Climb


The next attention-grabber of the Minecraft Live event 2021 was the update about Minecraft Dungeons, which is ready to introduce new seasonal adventures. With the Cloudy Climb update, there’s a lot more for you to explore as fresh content is heading your way soon. The Tower and Seasonal Adventures are the new features where you earn fun rewards such as in-game currency by increasing your Adventure rank. The Tower feature will also offer a dose of thrilling gaming experience by overcoming challenges and hurdles that come your way with the characters. The Cloudy Climb update is likely to release soon this year. 


Xbox Game Pass for PC


The Minecraft Live 2021 didn’t run out of breathtaking revelations. One of them was that your beloved game is coming out to Xbox Game Pass for PC, as the event announced the new Minecraft PC Bundle. The upcoming package will include the Java Edition and Bedrock Edition, and you can play this iconic game with your family and friends anytime on Windows. This news was long-awaited by fans from all over the world, and now, it’s finally coming true. So keep your eye out for the release of this bundle purchase on November 2. 



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