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Here's why travel insurance is a must for your next abroad trip! - Prune

Travelling around the world is one of the best activities you can do, which leaves you with the best experiences and memories to cherish. Whether you love to travel solo or with your loved ones, a vacation in any part of the world is worth taking. It helps you leave behind the stress of your daily routine, jet off to an exotic destination, and have the best time of your life.

But adventures and exhilarating moments during your trip could also have unprecedented risks. These can include losing your passport, flight cancellations, medical emergency, baggage theft, and a lot more. And facing these things can be a nightmare when you're on your international holiday. But don't fret! Good travel insurance can help you cover financial risks and assist you when you face such troublesome situations overseas.

The travel insurance policy from Prune will ensure that nothing comes in the way of your much-awaited vacation. Our experts are available 24/7, and we promise you hassle-free international travel. If you're planning to go abroad anytime soon, here are the top reasons you must get a travel insurance policy from Prune!

Losing passport or other travel documents

If you lose your passport during your travel abroad, it can lead to legal and financial challenges. And these can seriously disrupt your international vacation. But with Prune's travel insurance policy, you will get immediate help to get a new passport in a short period, and our team will assist you with covering the expenses that come with tackling such situations.

Flight cancellations or rescheduled flights

At times the flights could get cancelled or delayed, and it is a common issue that is a threat to your perfectly planned vacation. A flight can get delayed due to bad weather, or you might face a last-minute family emergency and need to cancel your trip. In any case, you've already booked your tickets, and your money can go to waste. But a good travel insurance policy offered by Prune reimburses you with the amount you spent on your flight tickets and hotel bookings.

Accident or illness

If you meet with an accident or suddenly fall ill while you're in a foreign land, you must get immediate medical attention. Travel insurance will be there for you in such an emergency, and make sure that you get treated by the top health authorities in the area. And not just that, a travel insurance policy will also help you cover the medical expenses for your treatment and hospitalisation.

Loss of baggage or theft

During international trips, many travellers have faced this issue. One can easily misplace, lose baggage or have it stolen, which can cause a great deal of distress. But a good travel insurance plan such as the one from Prune covers the loss of your baggage. It will reimburse you the cost of the missing belongings and compensate you for the loss up to an approved limit.


In rare cases, you might face an unforeseen emergency. These can include a natural calamity or a hijack scenario. Anything can happen if you're travelling abroad and can be distressing to experience. A travel insurance policy helps you move to a safer location until you get back to the home country safe and sound.

If you're planning an international trip anytime soon, a travel insurance policy from Prune is here to put your mind at ease. You need not worry about facing any such risks, as our experts are available to assist you round the clock. And if you're worried about it being costly, we have your back! We offer the best insurance plans at competitive rates so that you and your family enjoy your vacation to the fullest.


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Our platform helps you make your life easy by providing the best travel-related services. From offering a good travel insurance policy to providing tour packages, we have you covered so that you have a safe trip. You can use our services anytime and from anywhere at the tap of a button on our app, or visit our website.

You need not visit a store to seek help for your travel needs. We offer customised and affordable travel insurance policies from the comfort of your home.

So make us a part of your journey now! Download the Prune app or visit the website for more details on our travel services.


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