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Jio Air-Fiber vs. Airtel Air-Fiber?  The right choice for you


The leading giants of the Telecommunications industry, Jio and Airtel are back with yet another innovation, Jio Air-Fiber: a wireless broadband solution designed to elevate the capabilities of the 5G network. 


Jio Air-Fiber launch date: 


 Jio Air-Fiber is all set to launch in India on September 19 2023, on the auspicious occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi.  


Airtel Air-Fiber launch date: 


Airtel launched its Airtel Xtreme Air-Fiber on August 7 2023 (India's first 5g wireless WIFI solution).


On August 7, Airtel launched its Air-Fiber service, and now, with the introduction of Jio Air Fiber, Airtel will face competition in the wireless 5G router market.


Air-Fiber aims to revolutionize how we experience the internet, providing high-speed access and replacing traditional broadband services. With its emphasis on 5G connectivity, users can expect significantly faster download and upload speeds, smoother streaming, and enhanced online experiences.


In today's article, we will be discussing:


  • What is Air-Fiber? 
  • Jio Air-Fiber Vs Airtel Air-Fiber Speed
  • Price and Plans of Jio vs Airtel Air-Fiber
  • Difference between Fiber and Air-Fiber technology 
  • Jio or Airtel Xtreme Air-Fiber | What to choose? 



What is Air-Fiber?


Air-Fiber is a wireless internet technology similar to Fiber-optic connections, but it uses 5g high-speed data technology with a browsing speed of up to 1 Gbps. You can stream and download high-definition content, engage in online gaming and video conferencing, and download large files in seconds. 


The installation process of Air-Fiber is very simple. You have to plug it in, turn it on, and that's it. It lets you have a personal WIFI hotspot in your home, seamlessly connected to ultra-high-speed internet via True 5G technology.  


 Air-Fiber is a 5G wireless broadband service that doesn't require cables or Fiber optics to connect to the services. This means it can reach more people easily without the usual challenges telecom companies face when setting up home broadband.


Jio Air-Fiber Speed


While Jio Air-Fiber shares similarities with traditional Jio Fiber services, it sets itself apart with up to 1.5 Gbps speed, hinting at the potential for future 6G technology. As per the latest reports of Jio, "Jio Air-Fiber uses a wide-reaching 5G network all across India that can boost the internet expansion up to 150,000 new connections every day.


Moreover, the service can cover an area of up to 1,000 square feet on a single floor of a house or office, making it highly convenient and effective for providing reliable coverage.


Airtel Xtreme Air-Fiber Speed


Airtel Xtreme Air-Fiber is an easy-to-use plug-and-play device. It has advanced WiFi 6 technology for strong indoor coverage and can connect up to 64 devices simultaneously." 

Xtreme Air-Fiber offers a high-speed web of 100Mbps with unlimited internet for the introduction phase. However, Airtel may include some additional offerings made after six months, considering the rapid growth in demand for high-speed internet.


Jio Air-Fiber Price and Plans


While Jio has not officially disclosed the price, it is expected to be around Rs. 6,000, about 20% less expensive than other devices available.


The plans come in a range of options, starting at Rs. 599 and going up to Rs. 8,499, offering various speeds from 30 Mbps to 1 Gbps. You can choose the plan that best suits your needs. If you recharge in advance for internet access, prepaid plans start at INR 399, providing unlimited data and high-speed internet.


Airtel Air-Fiber Price and Plans


Airtel Xtreme Air-Fiber is priced at Rs. 4,794 for a 6-month plan, includes a security deposit of Rs. 2,500, and offers a speed of 100Mbps for six months. However, Airtel still needs to release detailed plan lists for its Air-Fiber service.


Difference between Air-Fiber and Traditional Fiber 


  1. Broadband Fiber is a Fiber optic technology that uses Fiber optic wires usually connected to a router and offers high-speed, stable internet connectivity. On the other hand, Air-Fiber is a wireless broadband device that needs to be turned on and connects to the internet via direct signal.


2.    Regarding speed, Optic Fiber offers a speed of 1gbps, which also depends on the network connectivity. In contrast, Air-Fiber is expected to offer a speed of more than 1.5 Gbps, making it more compatible and user-friendly.


3.    Optic Fiber requires a professional installation process where you must contact Jio to arrange the installation at your home. In contrast, Air-Fiber is a plug-and-play device. You need to switch it on without any constraints related to Fiber cables."


Jio Air-Fiber vs. Airtel Air-Fiber | What to choose? 


It's a battle of two major telecom giants of India. With Air-Fiber, both companies will be eyeing to set a new benchmark in the telecom market. 


Here are specific points you need to consider while choosing the best Air-Fiber among the two:


  1. Speed Comparison:  As per the reports, Jio Air-Fiber can offer up to 1.5 Gbps, depending on the network. On the other hand, Airtel Xtreme Air-Fiber provides a speed of 100Mbps, but it is expected to boost after six months of the initial period. The data plans of both the telecom companies are yet to be released.


2.    Price Comparison: As discussed above, Airtel Xtreme Air-Fiber will cost you Rs.7,733, including the security deposit of Rs 2500, whereas the price of Jio Air-Fiber is expected to be 20% lower than its counterparts. It will cost you around 6000 (details awaited)



3.    Technology: Air-Fiber is a newer concept that works on WIFI 6 technology, which means both Jio and Airtel Air-Fiber will utilize the same technology, ensuring low latency, broader coverage and faster speeds. 


What we think at Prune 


Although both companies offer compelling features, from a consumer's perspective, Jio is winning the race here. One significant advantage Jio holds over Airtel is its 5 G network. The Jio 5G network is a newly developed Standalone (SA) that offers much higher speeds. In comparison, Airtel's 5G network is Non-Standalone (NSA), utilizing Airtel's existing 4G network also. The actual speed advantage will depend on your area's availability and coverage of 5G. 


Furthermore, if you compare prices and internet speeds, Jio Air-Fiber will be a massive success for Jio Industries. 



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