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How to use eSim for international travel in 2024


Planning a trip is always exciting and adventurous, but staying connected during the whole trip can be challenging sometimes. Whether you are a frequent traveller or want a seamless connectivity experience, Prune eSim offers a hassle-free and cost-effective way by providing eSim services in more than 190 countries. Whether you are planning to travel to Europe or Africa or a global adventure, Prune eSim plans to offer the most affordable way to keep you connected throughout your trip. 


In this blog, we will be discussing the following:


·      How to use Prune eSim for international travel 

·      Local vs. regional vs. global eSim plans

·      The best regional eSim plans

·      The best global eSim plans 

·      How to install and activate a Prune eSim

·      Benefits of using a Prune esim for international travel


What is an eSim: 


An eSim is embedded within a mobile device. It enables the device to connect to various network operators without requiring a physical SIM card. Unlike traditional physical SIM cards, eSim’s are digital and can be programmed with multiple carrier profiles. This eliminates the need for physical swapping and allows users to switch between carriers effortlessly.


Using Prune eSim for International Travel


Using an eSim is an easy and affordable way to stay connected during international travel. Think of it as a digital SIM card. Just purchase an eSIM plan from Prune, install it on your device, and connect instantly to a mobile network. No need to contact your carrier, buy a new SIM card, or deal with extra roaming charges.


For international travel, Prune eSim lets you connect with a local network as soon as you arrive at your destination. While others wait to buy local SIM cards, you can skip the line and start your journey. Moreover, you can also use your eSim to book rides, find places to eat, or navigate your itinerary.


With Prune eSim, you need to pay for your data upfront; top up as you travel, and enjoy your travel without hidden fees or expensive roaming charge. 


Local vs. regional vs. global eSim plans


Regarding staying connected during your travels with Prune eSim, you have options catering to your specific destination requirements. Here's a breakdown of the available choices:


1.    Local eSim


·      Provides coverage within a single country.

·      Perfect if you're exploring one specific destination and want reliable connectivity without needing multiple country coverage.


2.    Regional eSIM:


·      Covers multiple countries within a specific region (e.g., Europe).

·      Ideal for travellers exploring various countries within a defined area, offering seamless connectivity without the hassle of switching plans at each border crossing.


3.    Global eSIM:


·      Covers several countries worldwide (e.g., Germany, Thailand, Brazil, etc.).

·      The ultimate choice for international adventurers exploring diverse destinations. A global eSim ensures continuous connectivity across borders, eliminating the need to switch plans as you move from one country to another.


Consider opting for a regional or global eSim plan for your international adventure. These plans simplify your connectivity by providing coverage across multiple countries, offering a convenient and efficient way to stay connected throughout your journey. Explore the diverse eSi plans available and find the one that perfectly suits your travel needs!


The best Regional eSim Plans


Regional eSIMs are designed to connect you seamlessly across multiple countries in specific geographic areas. Prune offers a diverse range of six regional eSIM packages, each providing various data and duration options:


  1. Hello Africa (Africa)
  2. Asialink (Asia)
  3. Island Hopper (Caribbean Islands)
  4. Eurolink (Europe)
  5. Menalink (Middle East & North Africa)
  6. Latamlink (Latin America)


For instance, if your travels take you through Europe, instead of dealing with individual local eSIMs for each country, you can opt for a Eurolink package. This choice ensures continuous connectivity as you explore multiple European countries, such as France, Germany, Spain, Italy, and more, without switching eSIMs at each border.


The best Global eSim Plans 


Global eSim plans to offer connectivity across various countries, regions, and continents. Prune presents a range of global eSim plans tailored to different data needs and durations:


  1. 1GB for 7 days
  2. 3GB for 15 days
  3. 5GB for 30 days
  4. 10GB for 60 days
  5. 20GB for 180 days

For those embarking on extensive journeys, like a gap year to explore the world, a global eSim package becomes the perfect companion. This option ensures connectivity across countries in North and South America, the Caribbean, Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Australia, and more. Stay effortlessly connected throughout your global adventures with Prune's comprehensive regional and global eSim plans.


Buying and Installing Prune eSim


Installing and activating a Prune eSim is quick and straightforward, taking just a few minutes. Make sure your device is carrier-unlocked and eSim-compatible before you begin. You're ready to go if your phone supports eSim technology and is not tied to a carrier contract. Connect to a stable Wi-Fi network and follow these steps:


Step 1: Buy an eSIM


  1. Go to or download the Prune app
  2. Choose the Regional or Global eSIM tab based on your travel needs.
  3. If opting for a regional eSIM, select your desired region.
  4. Pick an eSIM with sufficient data and duration for your trip.
  5. Tap the chosen eSIM and click ok
  6. Complete your purchase by creating an account or logging in.


Step 2: Install Your eSIM After purchasing, you'll receive detailed installation instructions. There are three installation methods, but not all may be available for every device:

  • Direct: Use the Prune app for step-by-step prompts.
  • QR Code: Scan a QR code to initiate installation.
  • Manual: Enter eSIM details manually in your device's settings.


Step 3: Activate Your eSim. Check your eSim activation policy in the "Additional Information" section on your Prune account. Some eSim's activate immediately, while others activate upon connecting to a supported network at your destination. Wait until just before your trip to install if it activates immediately; otherwise, install it immediately.


Step 4: Turn On Your eSim Line Upon reaching your destination, activate your eSIM line and connect to a supported network to get online.

On iPhone:

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Tap Cellular or Mobile.
  3. Select your eSIM line.
  4. Toggle on "Turn On This Line."
  5. Enable Data Roaming.
  6. Tap "Network Selection" and choose a supported network.

On Android:

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Tap Network & Internet.
  3. Tap Mobile Network.
  4. Turn on your eSim
  5. Enable Mobile Data and Data Roaming.
  6. Choose a supported network listed in the eSim "Additional Information" section.

Following these steps, your Prune eSim will be installed, activated, and ready to keep you connected during your travels.


Benefits of Choosing Prune eSim 


  • Seamless Activation: Prune offers a streamlined activation process that saves time and eliminates the need to visit a store or wait for a SIM card to arrive.
  • Cost-Effective: Prune e-sim plans are affordable, ensuring seamless connectivity without roaming charges. Moreover, it eliminates the need to purchase international roaming packs.


  • Global Connectivity: Prune delivers eSim plans with expansive global coverage, guaranteeing uninterrupted connectivity no matter where your travels lead you.



Click here to explore the eSim plans for more than 190 countries


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What devices support e-SIM?​

As e-sim technology continues to expand more and more e-sim compatible devices are being released into the market.

As of December 2023, the updated list of e-sim compatible devices is as follows:

Note: (Before buying, verify that your device supports e-SIM and is carrier-unlocked to ensure a smooth and flexible experience)