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How is eSIM Technology Changing the Mobile Industry?

The telecom industry has revamped the entire game of how people stay connected to each other with their recent innovation; the eSIM card technology. This technology has emerged as a game-changer. It is gaining momentum in the market. As per the forecasts, by 2025, almost 35% of smartphones will be using eSIM technology to cater to network connectivity services. eSIM cards are now replacing the traditional physical SIMs while offering a range of perks to the users. eSIMs provide flexibility as the user does not need to visit a retail store to purchase the SIM or to top-up the plan. Folks choose to buy eSIM online because it is a convenient switch from traditional SIM cards. 

In this blog, we will unearth the ways that the new eSIM card technology is revamping the face of the mobile industry. So, stay tuned till the last to know all about it.

What is eSIM card technology?

eSIM, also known as Embedded Subscriber Identity Module, is a technology that allows users to activate a mobile plan without a physical SIM card. The eSIM card is a small chip embedded in your phone. Now you can activate your mobile plan by scanning a QR code or downloading an app. The eSIM technology is available in a few select phones. You can check if your phone is eSIM compatible or not from our eSIM-supported smartphones list.


Benefits of eSIM Card Technology 


1. Easy Activation

The traditional method of getting a SIM card involves visiting a store, submitting your documents, and waiting for the activation process to complete. However, with eSIM card technology, you can activate your mobile plan in minutes. You can buy eSIM online and activate it through an app or a QR code. This easy activation process saves time and reduces the hassle of visiting a store.

2. Multiple Plans on One Device

eSIM technology allows you to have multiple mobile plans on one device. This feature is beneficial for people who travel frequently and need to switch between plans based on their location. You can have a local plan and an international roaming plan on one device without the need to carry two phones or swap SIM cards. This feature is also helpful for people who want to keep their personal and professional numbers separate.

3. Eco-Friendly

The use of eSIM technology is eco-friendly as it reduces the need for physical SIM cards. In a country like India, where the number of mobile users is constantly increasing, eSIM technology can significantly reduce e-waste. The eSIM card also eliminates the need for packaging and shipping SIM cards, reducing the carbon footprint.

4. Cost-Effective

The use of eSIM technology is cost-effective for both mobile operators and users. Mobile operators do not have to invest in physical SIM cards and the associated logistics, which reduces their operational costs. For users, online eSIM plans are often cheaper than traditional plans, making them an affordable option for people on a budget.

5. Increased Security

eSIM card provides increased security compared to physical SIM cards. The eSIM chip is embedded in your device, making it difficult for anyone to access your mobile plan without your consent. This feature is particularly helpful for people who store sensitive information on their phones.


How has eSIM Cards Revolutionised the Face of the Mobile Industry?

Electronic SIM cards, or eSIMs, have been changing the face of the mobile industry since their introduction. While the benefits of eSIMs are well known, the technology has also significantly impacted the mobile industry regarding user adoption, network providers, and device manufacturers.

·      User adoption: The number of eSIM users has been increasing over the past few years.

According to a report, the number of eSIM connections worldwide is expected to reach 2.4 billion by 2025. This growth can be attributed to the increasing popularity of eSIM-supported phones, such as the iPhone, Google Pixel, and Samsung Galaxy, among others.

·      Network providers: The introduction of eSIM cards has also created a shift in power among network providers. With eSIMs, users can switch carriers instantly without having to swap out physical SIM cards. This has led to increased competition among carriers as they must work harder to retain customers and has also opened up opportunities for smaller, regional carriers to enter the market.

·      Device Manufacturers: eSIMs have also impacted device manufacturers. The technology allows for smaller devices with more internal space, as eSIMs eliminate the need for a physical SIM card slot. This freed space has led to the production of thinner and more lightweight devices, such as the Apple Watch Series 6 and Samsung Galaxy Watch 3, which are eSIM card enabled.


In conclusion, eSIM technology has significantly impacted the mobile industry by increasing user adoption, changing the landscape of network providers, and influencing device manufacturers. With the continued growth of eSIMs, it will be interesting to see how the mobile industry continues to evolve in the coming years.


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