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The new thriller Hellbound overthrows Squid Game as the most-watched Netflix show: Prune

If you thought beating the huge popularity of Netflix’s Squid Game was not going to happen anytime soon, think again! Because the latest South Korean horror-thriller show Hellbound has managed to carve a space for itself by earning the title of the world’s most-watched show on Netflix. And it has garnered immense success in not days or weeks, but just within 24 hours!

Post its release on November 20 on the OTT giant’s platform, the ratings went up the charts, becoming the new global success in over 80 countries. The supernatural series is directed by Yeon Sang-ho, who had already made a name for himself in the past by being behind the critically lauded action horror film ‘Train to Busan’.

The brutally dark show revolves around the concept of heaven and hell, in which the supernatural beings (angels) come to an alternate version of the earth and punish evil humans to hell. The angels warn them that their bad deeds will have consequences, and they appear on the exact date and time to condemn them. The story of Hellbound is based on Yeon Sang-ho’s webtoon and features cast members such as Yoo Ah-in, Kim Hyun-too, and Won Jin-A.

Yoo Ah-in brings the character of Jean Jin-so to life, who is the head and cult leader of the growing religion ‘New Truth Society’. And it doesn’t take long before this cult group decides to take matters into its own hands and turn against the condemned. And the storyline will keep you hooked from start to end and have you reflecting on the society we live in. So, it’s not your regular entertainment binge, as it will leave you thinking deeply about the world around you. And the plot is not for the faint-hearted, as it has scenes with heavy violence, intense horror, and the looming danger throughout.

While the Squid Games left the viewers shocked at the number of characters killed after losing children’s games, Hellbound takes the bloodshed to another level. So, if you haven’t watched it already, this is your go-ahead to start binging on the series right now, and let us know what you think about it!

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