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Coolest Instagram tricks to amp up your social media game: Prune

Instagram is our go-to app to share our selfies, special moments, memes, and connect with friends daily. But it’s not just simply posting your photographs and reels that make your Instagram page stand out. Here are some of the many tips and tricks that can help you elevate your personal or business Instagram account in no time. And if you’re wondering what these are, our experts at Prune have put together a list of some of the best Instagram tricks you must try for photo and video sharing right now!

Change filter settings

Instagram is also great for photo edits and fancy filters before you post your portraits. It gives you a lineup of filter options to choose from, and these make your posts look more nice and eye-catching. But did you know that once you opt for your favourite filter, you can also modify its strength level? After selecting the filter for a photograph, you can reduce its strength or increase it depending on your preference by clicking on the same thumbnail again and using the slider. This trick helps out in case when the filter is too bright and makes your image look overly done, you can easily reduce its strength based on your liking. That’s it, now your post is picture-perfect!

Organise your saved posts

When you come across posts that you love, you immediately click save, and they go to an ‘All Posts’ file by default under the ‘Saved’ option. However, now you can organise your saved content by creating separate folders and naming them with a title of your choice. It will make finding the saved posts easier with your folders rather than dropping everything in one file. All you need to do is once you’ve saved a post, you have to tap on the ‘+’ option to create a new folder. You can give it a name then drop saved posts related to that file anytime. Pretty useful, right?

Custom fonts for bio

Do you want to level up with your Instagram profile? Then you must use this trick! You can easily customise the text on your bio using fancy font options that you love instead of using the default and basic one on the platform. You can opt for fancy font options using third-party apps such as Fonts Art, Lingojam, and Fontify. You need to type out your bio in the text box of one of these apps and convert them to a different font. Now, you can copy that and paste the catchy and witty bio on your profile. It’s a great trick, especially if you have a lot of info to flaunt for your followers and general viewers of your page.

Use hashtag keyboard

Do you love adding hashtags to your posts and increasing their reach and engagement? We understand that it can become cumbersome typing these out every time. To make it easier, you can use third-party apps as hashtag generation tools, where you can easily select hashtags that are relevant to your post. Whether you’re posting a picture of your cute pet dog or promoting your product on the platform, using a separate app for hashtags will be plenty useful every single time!

Post vertical photos

Photographs that are vertical to the max are far more attractive for anyone who views them. They do complete justice to the subject you’re posting about, as these appear bigger on a phone screen while scrolling. And if you’re a photographer or someone who loves posting aesthetic content, you must try posting vertical photographs that make your content more attention-grabbing. There’s no way anyone can look over a picture taking over the smartphone screen, and that’s what we want for the posts we work so hard for, right?

Which Instagram trick and tip did you like the best? Try it out, and let us know how these work for you!

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