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Call of Duty Mobile S4 has a new Wild Dogs update for the players. Check the details here - Prune



It is nature versus players this time around! Gamers, the mobile shooting game Call of Duty Season 4 is coming up with a fresh update on April 28. Titled the Wild Dogs, the combat series has a new challenge to overcome - a sandstorm. And only the toughest of the players will survive this adversary in a desert.


The latest update includes maps, weapons, modes, and more with a sandstorm in Battle Royale. Are you ready to take on the new challenges? Here is everything you need to know about the Call of Duty Mobile Season 4 Wild Dogs update. Read on!



Call of Duty Mobile Season 4: New update



Season 4 comes with free and premium features like other tiers.


Battle Pass Free Tiers


You can explore the new Koshka functional weapon, use a sniper rifle that changes into an advanced weapon, and get your hands on a contact grenade at Tier 14. The free features also include Green Rust and Sand Tracks series.


Premium Pass Tiers


Enjoy the entire content of Season 4 with a premium pass. It includes tough operators like Farah - Desert Sentinel, Roze - Sand Dune, and Roach. The premium pass tier features highly stylised weapon blueprints - Swordfish - Arid Shroud, AS VAL - Heat Shield, Koshka - Skiff Shot, and QXR - Sandpike.



Call of Duty Mobile Season 4 - Wild Dogs update





As players, you will see sandstorms appear at random in Season 4 of Battle Royale, forming a sand wall on the horizon. You will need to fight through the weather and discover a higher occurrence of unique items like thermal sights and high-tier loot but beware of the dust devils which threaten to knock down the players. Also, look out for the new throwable turbulence generator, which produces a ferocious wind. Use this to your advantage both within and outside of the sandstorm.





The satellite was released alongside Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War as a launch map. It takes place in the Central African Desert of Angola where a confidential American caused the KH-9 satellite to crash. Battle from a variety of viewpoints across the battlefield, as well as the trenches surrounding the central satellite. When crossing the tunnels, keep your eyes out for snipers taking up positions in the dunes.



Khandor Hideout


Khandor Hideout, an urban settlement with a central lab set in the desert that first appeared in Call of Duty Modern Warfare, is coming to Call of Duty Mobile. With several internal locations, this is a battle for dominance, with the victorious taking precedence. There are many sightlines around the garage, market area, and signal tower. You need to understand your strengths and use them to your advantage.



Ground War


The 12v12 battles will feature vehicles and capture locations you and your gang need to take over. As players, you can use motorbikes, ATVs, tanks, and antelopes. There are six capture points, and if you take over all of them, you'll receive rewards with a victory screen.



Are you excited for the new Call of Duty Wild Dogs update? Let us know what you think!


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