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The best ways to send money to the USA from India: Prune


There are two factors to consider while sending money abroad. The first is the amount of money your recipient will receive, and the second is the amount of time it will take for the money to get there. We'll examine some of the most effective methods for sending money from India to the USA.



Sending Money from India to the US: Things to Consider


Rate of exchange


The value of one currency in comparison to another is known as the foreign exchange rate. When sending a substantial amount of money, even a minor exchange rate variation might make a big difference.


When you are transferring money from India to the USA, you will be using Indian Rupees (INR), and the recipient will be receiving the money in US Dollars. According to the exchange rate in effect at the time of sending, INR must be converted to USD.


Speed of Transfer


It takes a different amount of time for the money to get where it's going. It can take minutes or days to get it. Faster but more expensive is sending money through a money transfer agent. However, bank transfers are more affordable and may take up to three days. The best rates and transfer speeds can be found with online money transfer services.



Things to consider before transferring money from India to the US


There will be a transfer fee charged to you, which may be fixed or a percentage of the transferred money. Additionally, there are costs associated with the transfer payment method. For instance, credit card transactions are more expensive than debit card or bank transfers. Additionally, you will be required to pay service tax and foreign conversion tax, both of which are fixed but vary from one country to another


Choose the service that offers excellent customer care and will assist you if something goes wrong during the transfer procedure. Customer support should be accessible through phone, email, and live chat and should be open round-the-clock.


The amount that your receiver will ultimately receive will not be the same for any of the remittance service providers due to differences in the currency rates offered and the overall transfer costs.


If you consider each of these factors before deciding which choice best suits your needs, you'll get the best service.



What are the different options for sending money from India to the US?


Wire Transfer


You can wire money from your bank account to a bank account in the United States using this electronic method of transmission. A network named SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Financial Transactions) is used in bank-to-bank transfers to securely exchange transaction information between participating banks. To allow safe and secure outward remittance from India, major Indian banks and Reserve Bank of India (RBI) licenced Authorized Dealers are linked with more than 400 foreign banks worldwide that are a part of the SWIFT messaging network.


To make the transfer, you must provide your receiver with your bank account number, their name, address, and account number, as well as their swift code or routing number. To demonstrate your identification or the reason for your outward remittance, you might need to present more documentation.


HDFC, ICICI, AXIS, SBI, and other large banks are just a few of the banks that provide wire transfer services.



Demand Draft


Foreign currency demand draughts are pre-paid transferable securities that a bank issues in a specific foreign currency. They are a more affordable choice for sending money abroad. The bank or service provider you used simply charges you the demand draught fee. If they are taken or misplaced, they can be issued. The recipient may, however, have to wait longer to receive the funds. If you want to save money and are not in a rush, they are a great option.



Online Money Transfer


Online money transfer services like Prune provide the most competitive exchange rate and lowest transfer fees.



Money transfers from India to the US: Facts


There is a large Indian community in the United States of America, including students, job seekers, migrant labourers, travellers, etc. The fact that sending money from India to the United States is a fairly regular activity. The most frequent reasons for transferring money from India to the US are to send a present to friends and relatives there or to pay for college expenses, medical care, visa costs, foreign investments, or other expenses.


All resident Indians are allowed to remit up to USD 250 000 each financial year under the Liberalized Remittance (LRS) Policy.



How to send money to the US from India


The most convenient way to send money from India to the US depends on how well it meets your demands and how convenient the bank or money transfer service is. When all other factors are equal, we advise using an online service that provides you with the best exchange rate and a fair transfer charge.




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