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Best places to visit in Gokarna: Prune

Gokarna, a little holy town in the Uttara Kannada district of Karnataka, is renowned for its peaceful unspoiled beaches, ancient Mahabaleshwar Temple, adventurous hiking trails, and breathtaking views. Many people travel to Gokarna each year for a tranquil and unwinding vacation. Gokarna is the ideal destination whether you travel alone, with family, or with a group of friends. We've compiled a list of the top attractions in Gokarna to make your planning sessions much easier:


Mahabaleshwar temple

The Mahabaleshwar temple at Gokarna is devoted to Lord Shiva. Gokarna stands at the seafront of the Arabian Sea. This temple is also the foremost holy place for Hindus as Kashi and Rameshwara. This is also a ‘siddikshetra' and ‘MuktiSatal’ of Karnataka. Mahabaleshwar Temple is a holy place for Hindus.

Om Beach

Among the popular beaches of Gokaran one of those is Om Beach. It also attracts tourists with its natural shape forming the auspicious symbol Om. Om beach is named because of its shape. This beach also extends the holiday because of some activities like water sports it also gives mesmerising view of the sunset.

Kudle Beach

Kudle Beach is the desired place to spend time having small hills and rocks dotting the beach. It attracts tourists because it is an awesome place for beach trekking. This beach is one of the five top beaches of the Gokaran in the appropriate shape of C having coconut trees and rocks on the riversides.

Paradise Beach

Paradise Beach is well known as Plage Paradise. It is placed in Chunnambar near Pondicherry. Embellished with golden sand that also attracts tourist because of its beauty. The tourist must visit the place in the morning to see the beautiful view of sunrise on the golden sand. There are also facilities for many activities on this beach like water sports, fishing with a hand as well as net and rod.

Half Moon Beach

Half moon beach is a place that offers a peaceful environment that attracts most tourist who loves peace. This place is an awesome place to visit at night when the sky is full of millions of stars. Half moon beach is absolute for swimming. This place can be reached via boat from either Om beach or Gokaran beach.


The wonderful town of Kumta is located amidst the marvelous surroundings of nature which is the most enticing destination for tourists to visit Karnataka. Kumta offers a perfect destination for unwinding, solitude and relaxation. It is situated on the cost side of the Arabian Sea adorning tantalizing beaches intriguing temples, sprawling greenery and fascinating black coloured rocks creating a mesmerising ambiance.