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Battlegrounds Mobile India update is finally out! Here are the top features you can enjoy: Prune



Gaming enthusiasts, it's time to rejoice! The Battlegrounds Mobile India has a fresh update to battle it out with the other players. The new BGMI update 1.8 brings exciting additions and changes to the app that will take your gaming experience to the next level!


The renowned video game producer Krafton has rolled out these changes for both Android and iOS devices recently. So if you're a fan of this Indian version of PUBG, there's a lot in store for you this time around! Read on to know more about all the top highlights and improvements in the Battlegrounds Mobile India.



Battlegrounds Mobile India update 1.8 - It is an unrivalled experience



The Battlegrounds Mobile India came out with an exciting update earlier on January 15, and it set the stage for the Spider-Man: No Way Home theme. Along with this, the update also added the best features to the Aftermath map. The map now offers an improved futuristic look and two different matchmaking modes.


The Aftermath mode map comes with surprises. The Livik map boasts a redesign, and the landscape looks different post the volcano eruption. The players and teams can test out the new skills and moves and enjoy the game-playing experience on the new map.


The maps are now finally divided into two matchmaking modes. These are normal matchmaking and ranked matchmaking. The ranked version of the game is based on your performance and will affect the tier ranking. On the other hand, the unranked games will not affect your ranking, and you can have fun playing with your friends without worrying about the score. This way, you can truly enjoy the map that the game offers.


The Aftermath also offers better weapons! The firearms come with an AC core module to achieve a better aim at your targets. And when it comes to other supplies, the map has supply stores throughout where you can trade coins for the supplies you need.


And if a player in the game is knocked down, they have the option to swim in the water. This change only comes after the new update.


Besides these changes, the game has a neater appearance and better graphics. The UI improvements give the game a better look. The company also mentioned that the parachute mechanism while landing will also see an improvement.



What are your thoughts about the new update in the Battlegrounds Mobile India? Have you started playing it yet? Let us know!



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