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iOS 15: New Features, Release date, and everything Apple told us at WWDC: Prune


At Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference on Monday, June 7, we finally got a look at Apple's iOS 15 operating system. It’ll release with a beta version right away. These are the big updates and features that will impact iPhone users with iOS 15.


FaceTime Updates


FaceTime is updated with new features in iOS 15, audio will separate out so the group call sounds natural. A new grid shows everyone the same size and highlights the person who represented in the group call. Isolation Mode eliminates background sounds to focus on your voice quality. New Portrait mode is coming to FaceTime too, it blurs the background automatically. You can generate a link and send the link to anyone in Facetime's new features. 

Notifications Updates


iOS 15 is adding some much-needed intelligence and organization Notification updates- you can set the time you wish to receive it, and you can catch up easily. If you use Do Not Disturb mode then others will be able to see that in Messages, so they know you may not reply right away.


Live text 


Live Text is a new feature in iOS 15, Apple uses machine learning to find text in image format, and allows you to treat it like regular text. 


Messages updates


With iOS 15 if someone sends you content in Messages (photos, music, links, news, podcast, and so on) it will also appear in the Shared with You section in the corresponding app. 


Focus feature Updates


iOS 15 is loaded with a feature called Focus, If you are in Focus modes you set in the control center for when you want to limit distractions. There are suggested Focus modes for fitness, sleep gaming, reading, driving, work, or you can create a custom one. In Focus mode, you’ll be able to choose which apps and people you want to receive notifications from and which you wish to silence.


Memoji Updates


With the new iOS 15, you can adjust eye color individually, and set headwear colors. You'll access over 40 new outfits and glasses options. You can represent yourself with cochlear implants, oxygen tubes, or a soft helmet. And nine new Memoji stickers let you express yourself in more places.


Maps Updates


Apple Maps continues to improve, It will continue to spread to more countries over the coming year. The 3D view has updated with new features you can select cities that have lots of detail for landmarks, restaurants, roads, and more. 


Safari Updates


In iOS 15 you can move between tabs by swipe left to right, you can pull down on the top of the page to refresh it.


Photos Update


You can make memories with the Photos app is getting a handful of improvements. You can also use hundreds of songs to Apple Music, or you can choose from that library of songs too. It will suggest songs from Apple Music that were popular at the time or place, or that you listened to while traveling.


Siri Updates


In iOS 15 Siri goes offline, If you ask Siri to do doesn’t require data from the internet, it can perform it entirely offline. 


Weather updates


With iOS 15 Weather App gets new animated background to better reflect the time, day, clouds, and storm. 


Widgets Updates


With iOS 15, widgets for its own popular apps, including Find Mail, Contacts, Games, App Store, and more. Widget dynamically adds suggested new widgets for apps you use often.


When will iOS 15 be released?


Apple hasn’t given a release date for iOS 15 yet, but most iOS versions are released in September. 


iOS 15 supported devices


Here’s the list of supported iPhones:


•  iPhone 12

•  iPhone 12 mini

•  iPhone 12 Pro

•  iPhone 12 Pro Max

•  iPhone 11

•  iPhone 11 Pro

•  iPhone 11 Pro Max

•  iPhone XS

•  iPhone XS Max

•  iPhone XR

•  iPhone X

•  iPhone 8

•  iPhone 8 Plus

•  iPhone 7

•  iPhone 7 Plus

•  iPhone 6s

•  iPhone 6s Plus

•  iPhone SE (1st generation)

•  iPhone SE (2nd generation)

•  iPod touch (7th generation)

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