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Visit these 'glow in the dark' beaches of India for a magical experience! - Prune



Warm sunshine, golden sand, and cool waves…these are the things that might go through your mind when you think about a picture-perfect vacay in a beach destination. But there's more to the beauty and rare phenomenon of the sea than what you would have seen before. Some beaches in India are known for bioluminescence, which needs to go on your travel bucket list right away.


Bioluminescence is a phenomenon that makes the waves glow a surreal neon blue colour and makes for an alluring sight if you're a beach lover. It is a stunning emission of light by sea creatures that makes the water glow in the moonless night. So when you plan the next trip to a beach, there are unusual destinations that you must check out to witness this magical sight! Are you wondering where you can spot these magical glowing waves? Here's a list of the top beaches of India where you can catch the unusual bioluminescent sight! Read on.


Bangaram Beach, Lakshwadeep


The small and secluded island in Lakshwadeep is a tranquil escape from your busy life. The endless palm trees, white sandy beaches, and pristine blue water make Bangaram beach one of the best places to unwind. But there's more you can do here than the usual beachside activities. The water here glows a spectacular blue in the dark due to phosphorescent plankton and algae, making it a sight to behold as you take a breezy stroll down the beach. If you want to take it a step further, you can also experience the glowing water up close with activities, such as snorkelling and scuba diving.


Havelock Island, Andaman


The Andaman Islands are an untouched haven for a dreamy vacay. It is a cluster of islands that boast picturesque views of the Indian Ocean and has a lot to offer. Think serene beaches, fun water sports, and enchanting wildlife. But one standout activity that you must try out in Port Blair Havelock Island is night kayaking. The views of the lit-up bioluminescent ocean waters will leave you spellbound, as there's no other experience like it. It feels like gazing into a galaxy of stars as you paddle away in the sparkling blue water. So during your travel there, start your adventure at sunset, and spend time until the dark takes over to see the surreal bioluminescent beach in Andaman.


Betalbatim Beach, Goa


Goa is a party hub known for its lively beaches and colourful nightlife. It is one of the top vacation hotspots of India, and rightfully so for its extraordinary beauty. But if you want to step away from the crowds, South Goa is your best bet to check out the illuminated waters. Belbatim Beach is known as the glowing beach of Goa for its golden hour views and bioluminescence. At night, the coastline turns into a breathtaking sight as it is filled with bioluminescent algae and makes the waters glow blue in the moon nights. For the best experience, you can opt for a stay right by the beach and enjoy serene moments here.


Mattu Beach, Karnataka


It is one of the unexplored and lesser-known beaches of South India known for mesmerising sunsets, tall palm trees, and cool winds. It is an ideal spot to enjoy a laid-back vacation with scenic views. And Mattu Beach is also popular for leisurely activities such as relaxing walks and pleasant drives. During nightfall, the sea lights up a beautiful electric blue across the shoreline with the existence of a microorganism known as Noctiluca. The beach is blissfully secluded, and you can spend your time watching the waves sparkle at night.


Juhu Beach, Maharashtra


The Juhu Beach is a bustling tourist attraction that flaunts iconic eateries and striking views of the sea. The long stretch of seashore is much-admired by the locals and tourists alike and is one of the most visited places. But it's also well-known for glowing blue waves that shimmer on some occasions during the night, making it a beautiful sight when it occurs. The light-emitting blue tides hit the shore and create a magical vibe one can never forget. So if you're ever in Mumbai and hear a word about the glowing blue waves, you must check out the beach.


Thiruvanmiyur Beach, Tamil Nadu


This beach is a paradise for solitude seekers. It is a well-maintained and peaceful location known for its sunset views and cool evenings. You can enjoy a walk and binge on delicious food from the seaside stalls. But over time, the beach has come under notice for its bioluminescent waves that have been spotted on some occasions by visitors. It is not a common sight here, but the phenomenon does take place at times, making this beautiful beach even lovelier to visit.



Which of these beaches would you like to visit first? Let us know what you think!



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