Jio-Google 4G Smartphone Launch Before Diwali What We Know So Far..!!


Reliance could launch the android based Jio-Google 4G smartphone in India for under Rs 4,000 before Diwali.



Jio-Google 4G smartphone is said to launch in before Diwali.


Jio-Google 4G phone price in India to be under Rs 4,000.


Jio-Google 4G phone from Reliance Jio has been in the news for quite a long time. The smartphone is being developed in partnership with Google. According to various reports, the upcoming Jio-Google 4G android smartphone from Reliance Jio and Google will be one of the most affordable offerings in the market. 


According to a new report from Economics times, Jio will launch its upcoming Android-based 4G smartphone before Diwali this year. So, you can expect the Jio-Google 4G smartphone launch date before  4th November. Recently, a report came out that Reliance will make the announcement for its upcoming Jio-Google 5G phone during the Reliance’s Annual General Meeting that is scheduled for 24th June 2021. 


Jio-Google 4G smartphone price & specs 


According to Economic Times, the upcoming 4G smartphone from Reliance Jio and Google will be below Rs 4000 making it one of the most affordable Android smartphones in India. According to various reports, Reliance wants to increase its subscriber's from 426 million user base to 500 million user base by offering affordable 4G/5G smartphones. While there is no information regarding the specifications of this smartphone, what we do know is that Google will work on the software for the device. Moreover, the phone is said to be available in 4G and 5G models.