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What is International Travel Insurance?

Do you have a dreamy vacation on your mind? Then you must plan to visit an exotic location abroad that will give you the most beautiful memories to cherish. Whether you wish to take a trip on your own or with your family, travel will leave you feeling rejuvenated like no other hobby. You can escape the chaos of your daily life and set out to explore the endless beauty the world has to offer.

While we all look forward to our travel, but we at times over look the possible risks associated with travel. From losing your essential documents to flight reschedules, medical emergencies to mugging, theft, or other wrongdoing, things could take a turn for worse. And, facing these issues while on a trip is an experience we fear to even consider. You may not be prepared enough but you can take one simple Precaution. Which is to take a comprehensive travel insurance policy, which can mitigate your risks, you don’t stop enjoying.

A travel insurance policy from Prune is designed so that your much-awaited foreign trip will go smoothly. Our team ensures that you get the right assistance should you need it and at any time. Here is why you should choose Prune for a travel insurance policy if planning a vacation overseas! Read on.



Travel Insurance Coverage:

When passport and other travel documents are lost

While travelling overseas, you can lose your passport or other essential documents, putting you in a spot literally. Not just this, it can lead to unforeseen expenses because you are stuck without a passport. Typically a the travel insurer will help in procuring a copy of your passport and it will also cover your cost associated with getting a duplicate copy of the passport.

If a flight gets delayed or rescheduled

A flight getting delayed or rescheduled is more common than you think. It is the most widely used claim for travel insurance. Typically what a Travel Insurance covers a need for alternate tickets, and in case of exceptionally long delays there may be additional expenses like overnight stay get covered in such a case.


 1 Accident or sickness

In case of Injury the travel insurance not only does it cover cost related to medical expenses, it also covers flight cost in case you are forced to cancel a flight sue to injury. Most Travel Insurance will also have cancellation cover which is essentially paid out in case you are forced to cancel your trip.

 2 Losing personal belongings or burglary

If you encounter a problem where your personal baggage is either lost or stolen, it could cause stress. But a travel insurance policy from Prune helps compensate you for the loss. The amount is usually pre-decided with the travel insurance experts.

 3 Rare emergencies

• There are other types of emergencies that could compromise your safety. It could be a plane hijack situation or a natural disaster. But travel insurance is a form of protection from these situations. The team at Prune goes above and beyond to ensure that you stay in a safer place until you get back to your home country.
• If you are thinking about travelling abroad anytime soon, trust Prune to give you the best travel insurance policy in the market. After getting one for yourself and your loved ones, you never have to worry about such risks because our dedicated team works 24/7 for your safe and hassle-free international travel. And if you're worried travel insurance policy is too expensive, please don't! Our high-quality services are affordable so that you enjoy your international holiday in the best way possible.

Benefits of Buying Travel Insurance Policy from Prune

 1 24/7 availability

Trust the Prune platform to be at your service anytime and from anywhere. We are always open on our portal; you can book an insurance any time as per you convenience.

 2 Convenient online process

Get the insurance in a few clicks. With the Prune app and website offering a quality travel insurance process, you need not worry about endless paperwork and formalities. You can easily purchase the travel insurance policy by making the payment online. Your travel insurance gets delivered to you in a few minutes on mail.

 3 Affordable services

You are assured of best rates. But Prune provides reliable and pocket-friendly services that have set the standards in the market and have gained loyal customers over the years.

 4 Zero formalities

You need not get medical checkups to get the quality travel insurance policy from us. Your safety is our topmost priority and goes beyond the need for mere formalities and paperwork.

 5 Per-day process

If you are worried about paying more than you travel, we have made the process easy for you. You're most welcome to pay for the travel insurance on a per-day basis, so you don't pay more than needed for your trip abroad.

Procedure to claim an international travel insurance policy

 1 Baggage loss or delay

In order to claim baggage loss you will be required to submit the following documents boarding pass, your tickets, luggage details and also the tracking card. Since you may have purchased a gifts and other items, you will be expected to submit the proof of purchases of these items. Once the airline verifies the documents, your claim status will be updated and a reimburse upto the maximum amount as per the policy coverage will be covered.

 2 Medical and unforeseen illness

The top most thing in Meical claim is to submit the claim at the earliest. If you fall ill or unfortunately meet with an accident, you have the option of receiving care overseas or help to come back home. You can notify Prune via email or call. Medical documents must be submitted for a quick claim settlement.

 3 Passport stolen

• Please notify Prune if you lose your passport. In this situation, having a copy of your passport would be beneficial. At the time of filing your claim, prove receipts for your expenses to get a new one. You'll also need to bring identification, receipts from the embassy, an emergency travel certificate, and a copy of your new passport.
• Prune app and website bring you a variety of travel-related services. We can take care of your international travel with a comprehensive travel insurance policy and tour packages curated by our team of experts. On our platform, you can easily use our services from the comfort of your home.
• So get the assistance you need for your travel needs! Download the Prune app or visit the website for more information.

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