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Why Prune


Immediate Connectivity

by Girish Kulkarni

My trip to Singapore was rushed, and I forgot an international SIM card or roaming. At the airport, I searched esim as an alternative option and received one from Prune within a few minutes. It provided me with instant connectivity as I landed in Singapore. Kudos to Prune!


Affordable Price

by Diego Santoro

When I saw Prune's rates, I thought it was a clickbait due to the low prices for international connectivity. I used to pay thousands, but now I buy an eSIM for a few dollars. My friend in the US couldn't believe it and has also switched to Prune. I'm really satisfied with their 5-star service at less cost.


24/7 Customer Support

by Aiden Hill

As someone less tech-savvy, I contacted their support team and they helped me set up my esim in Paris. Using their service is easy, even for a tech newbie like me. It's simple to install and use, but I would like to especially appreciate their excellent customer support.


Global Coverage

by Harper Walker

As a pilot, I've tried many connectivity options, but Prune's app is the best. It lets me buy SIM cards for any country, even offering global plans. I chose the worldwide plan for worldwide connectivity wherever I fly. Highly recommend their service.


Trust-worthy & Safe

by Chetna Raghuvanshi

In Bali, my Operator roaming failed due to a technical issue. Thanks to data esim from Prune, I had seamless connectivity, I used WhatsApp for calls, coordination and navigation. Buying a local sim before travel is convenient and ensures connectivity.


Hassle Free

by Amit Goel

Due to Family emergency my Switzerland trip got delayed, but Prune esim still worked a month later on my rescheduled trip. Their app showed the validity starts upon landing. Thanks Prune for such Hassle-free and convenient service!

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