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This Festive Season, Keep These Remittance Tips In Mind Before Sending Money Abroad

As we enter the festival season and with Raksha Bandhan just around the corner, you might have plans to Send Money Abroad to your loved ones. But before you do so, there are a few things you can take note of as transferring money overseas can be a difficult affair. We at Prune are here to ensure that you remit or International Fund Transfer Transfer in a safe and efficient in always possible. You may want to read through some very pointed suggestions for a smooth experience with foreign exchange or foreign remittance as you honor your commitments with your family members overseas.  


Ease of transfer


When you have the need to send money internationally, Prune has got you covered with quick and easy money transfer services. All you need to do is download our Prune - Android App or visit our website prune.co.in, enter your remittance requirement and the best foreign remittance service is at the tip of your fingertips with the best forex rates available anywhere in retail, banks, or online and the lowest transfer fee. 


Mode of payments


Prune ensures that you have a seamless experience while buying, selling, or transferring foreign exchange at the best rates. Not just the best rates you have the flexibility to make the payment through all modes including Cheque, Draft, or even making payments by Cash.


Best rates


With the Prune International Fund transfer service, you can get the Best Foreign Exchange Rate for your remittance needs. All this without stepping out of the convenience of your home or office, and no need for searching for better rates anywhere else online.


Meets delivery Timeline


International money transfer needs are time really bound; the money should reach the destination well in the committed time, or else it of not much use as it can cause you to fail on your commitments. But Prune ensures that the money you send abroad is received as per committed timelines so that they can live up to their commitments. We take great pride in providing the delivery of our product and services on time. So whether it is Dollars, Pounds, Euros or any other currency, we get you the best rates.

Well Trained & Reliable Team

We have a large team of well-trained experts who are not only well informed but also are the most reliable. With a network spread across over 20 cities for enabling Remittance, we are one of the largest teams to take care of your Forex requirements. 

One-stop solution


Besides helping you with all your International Fund transfer needs, Prune offers a host of other services that take care of all your Travel & Connectivity needs in one place. So, whether you are looking for Travel Insurance, Travel Experiences, online bill payments, tracking your mobile usage or buying your India SIM, Foreign SIM/E-sim or if you just are looking for devices, Prune has you covered.

Top-of-the-line Technology

Prune operates with the best-in-Class top-of-the-line technology for ensuring all international money transfer needs at the best rates and gets the team to reach you in the shortest time. So next time you send money abroad from India do not forget to download the Prune App or visit: Prune Website.