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Remit money online with Prune this festive season 


The joyful festival of lights Diwali is almost here, and it’s the time to celebrate and bond with your loved ones. The endless sweets, wishes, and gifts from our close people keep our festive spirit high. Even as we maintain pandemic precautions, we are ready to welcome light and blessings, and the best part, to hop on the fun virtual shopping spree to buy gifts for others and ourselves. But if you have any of your family and friends living across international borders, Prune is here to help you beat the long-distance and stay connected with them for the festivities this year. 


Now you can easily send money with Prune as a Diwali gift with our exceptional remittance services. This way, you can celebrate with people in any part of the world and share the joy of the festival season with them. If you’re wondering how Prune makes this possible, here’s everything you need to know about our online money remittance so you can enjoy the festivities with love and happiness and without the distance to dampen your spirits. 



The most trustworthy way to send money online as a Diwali gift


The Prune app and website should be your go-to festival companion this year, as we offer the most seamless forex booking process from the comfort of your home. You can easily book foreign money transfers for the festival season, and send money to anyone living abroad. Amid the Coronavirus pandemic, our online platform offers a safe space to celebrate this festival of togetherness by sending a monetary gift which is a meaningful and smart option to pursue during this time, rather than purchasing a gift from e-commerce websites. It will allow your loved ones to buy a gift of their choice or save the money for future use. Our top-notch remittance service can benefit you in many ways: 



Exchange rates


You can enjoy quality remittance service at the lowest rates available in the market. We charge the lowest exchange rate as compared to other companies, and you can benefit from our value-for-money remittance deals anytime. And we charge no hidden or extra fees on international money remittance.


Fast money transfer


Enjoy fast money transfers within two business days once the transaction is successfully processed. Since Diwali is just around the corner, we ensure that your money reaches your loved ones right on time! Moreover, we are available 24/7, so you can book your forex order at any time. 


Zero transfer fee


You can save money by using our remittance services as we are for a limited period charging a Zero Transfer fee. The transfer fees are influenced by several aspects, such as payment method and foreign currency, and we ensure that you get the best deal possible. 



To learn more about our great forex services, visit the Prune website at https://prune.co.in/ or download our app now!