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Prune Hacks: Get the most out of your E-sim


Over the past few years, the telecommunications industry has witnessed an increase in the popularity of e-SIMs as more and more individuals are shifting their focus due to their convenience, flexibility, and ease of use. Unlike traditional physical SIM cards, E-SIMs are embedded in your devices, eliminating the need for a physical card swap and enabling users to manage multiple mobile plans effortlessly.


In our past blog posts, we have covered a range of topics: introduction to e-SIM, comparison between e-SIMs and traditional physical SIM cards, the advantages of e-SIMs over international roaming packs, and much more.


In today's article, we will discuss a few tips on how to make E-sim work best for you. We will guide you through everything from tracking to topping up data and effectively managing multiple e-SIMs. So read the article till the end.


1.    Re-check the Details of Your E-sim Plan:


If you are planning to travel abroad for a few days or weeks, it's always a good idea to re-check the details before you begin the journey. With Prune E-SIM, you can easily download a data plan, install it on your device and seamlessly connect to the network once you arrive at your destination. The E-sim package offered by Prune will help you prepare for your upcoming travel and ensure seamless connectivity during your international stay.


·      To know about your e-sim plan, go to

·      Tap "My eSIMs" and choose the eSIM plan you have chosen for your specific destination.


Here are certain things to keep in mind


  • Data Allowance: The amount of data included with the e-SIM

·       Validity Period: The duration you can use the e-SIM

·       Price: The cost of the e-SIM

·       Coverage: The countries and regions where the e-SIM can be used.

·       Network Speed: The available network speeds (e.g., 4G, LTE, 5G).

·       Plan Type: Whether the plan is data-only or includes calling features.

·       Activation Policy: Details regarding when the e-SIM's validity period begins, such as immediate activation or upon connecting to a network at your destination.

·       eKYC (Electronic Know Your Customer): Information about whether the plan requires you to submit and verify travel documents before downloading. It's advisable to complete this in advance.

·       Top-Up Availability: Check if you can purchase a top-up package for the e-SIM. This is useful to add data or extend the plan if needed.


2.    Go for Regional E-sim Plan: 


We suggest you go with the Regional E-sim plan if you are in multiple countries. Unlike a local plan covering a single country, a regional plan offers coverage across multiple regional countries (e.g., Europe, Asia, Latin America). By choosing a regional eSIM plan, you don't need to buy a new eSIM for every country.


Here are some of the best regional e-sims offered by Prune 


To see the countries, select the eSIM and scroll down to "Supported Countries." This section provides a list of countries where you will have coverage.


3.    Multiple e-SIMs on one phone


Most devices allow you to download and store multiple e-SIM plans stored as eSIM "profiles." You can activate and deactivate them anytime, as per your choice. This flexibility enables you to connect to local networks during travel or switch between mobile plans seamlessly. 


Benefits of using multiple e-SIMs on your phone while travelling:


  • You can switch e-SIM data plans anytime, depending on your location and data needs.


  • E-SIM plans are stored digitally on your device, eliminating the need to manage physical SIM cards while travelling.


  • Keep your primary number active for calls, texts, and two-factor authentication notifications.


  • Install multiple e-SIMs for multi-country trips or connect with a regional or global e-SIM. 


4.    Customize your e-sim plan. 


When installing an e-SIM, you'll be prompted to assign a label to your eSIM line. Opting for a clear label is highly recommended as it helps swiftly identify your specific eSIM plan, such as "Canada e-SIM" or "Europe e-SIM." This proves handy when choosing a line for voice and text, managing cellular data, and organizing your contacts. If you wish to make alterations, rest assured you can edit these labels anytime to suit your preferences and needs.




  • Go to your phone Settings.
  • Tap Cellular or Mobile Data.
  • Tap your eSIM plan (usually your "Secondary" line).
  • Enter a custom label (e.g., Travel eSIM or Work eSIM) and save it


  • Go to your phone Settings.
  • Tap Network & Internet or Connections.
  • Tap SIM Card.
  • Tap your eSIM plan.
  • Enter a custom label (e.g., Vacation eSIM or Business eSIM) and save it. 



5.    Monitor Data Usage:


Monitor your data usage and manage top-up options through:


a.    Device Settings:


·       Smartphone Settings: Go to your device's settings and locate the "Data Usage" or a similar option. Here, you can view your data consumption, set limits, and check app usage.

·       Tablet or Laptop: Access your device settings and find the "Network & Internet" or "Data Usage" section. You'll be able to monitor your data usage and set usage alerts.


b.    Visit Prune website


·       Go to 

·       Log in using your account credentials to access your data usage details, plan information, and any available usage analytics.


Benefits of Using Prune's E-sim 



  • Seamless Activation: Prune ensures rapid activation, removing the necessity for in-person store visits or waiting for a physical SIM card.  


  • Cost Effective: Prune's e-sim prepaid plans allow you to buy data as per your requirements, helping you avoid extra charges for the services you don't use.


  • Global Coverage: Prune offers e-SIM plans that work in many countries worldwide, ensuring you stay connected wherever you travel. 


To maximize your e-SIM benefits, double-check your plan details before travelling. Consider Prune's regional e-SIM plans if you visit multiple countries. Take advantage of your device's capability to store and switch between different e-SIMs. Customize and label them for easy identification. Lastly, monitor your data usage and consider using Prune's e-SIM for seamless activation, cost efficiency, and global coverage.


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