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Here's how you can port your SIM in a few easy steps! - Prune

As we are bound to our homes more than ever because of the ongoing pandemic, it makes it more imperative to get our work done online without needing to head out unnecessarily. With so many activities such as work from home and kids' online classes, having a good mobile network connection is a must. And this can often mean switching to a different telecom provider to get the best mobile service.

If you're facing slow mobile data and it's hampering your daily activities, then one of the ways is to consider switching your mobile service provider. If you want to port your mobile number, you can do it all digitally with the help of Prune. Prune gives you a choice to pick from top telecom companies of India such as Airtel, Reliance Jio, and Vodafone Idea.

How to port your mobile number to a different service provider

Follow these steps below to port your mobile number to any operator.

Step 1. Generate porting code:

The first step of porting is to generate a porting code that stays valid for 4 days only after generated.

To generate the porting code send the following text message:

PORT(Space)(Mobile Number) to 1900


PORT 9999999999 to 1900


Step 2. Receive UPC code:

After sending a text message to 1900, you will receive an SMS from 1901 with your UPC code or Unique Porting Code.


Step 3. Submit Porting Request:

Now you need to submit your porting application to the operator. You can also easily do it online with Prune. Want to PORT your number? visit https://prune.co.in/


Step 4: Activation

When your old connection stops working, you can change and use your new SIM.


Note: It will take 2-3 working days to PORT your number.


Why choose Prune.co.in?

We are in a digital age where everything is delivered home. Similarly, you can also buy or port SIM cards online with Prune.

The advantage of buying a SIM card online or PORT with Prune is that you get all the operator's plans and deals at one place from the comfort of your home and you do not need to go to store.

There are more benefits to porting online with Prune:

·      Get the best deals.

·      Free home delivery.

·      Choose your time slot according to you.

·      No waiting lines in visit store

·      No extra charges


Want to PORT your number?

Visit: https://prune.co.in/