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How To Convert Physical Sim to E-sim


With the introduction of E-sim technology, many smartphone brands are switching their traditional SIM card facility to new E-sim technology. It was first introduced in India in 2018 when Apple launched the LTE version of the Apple Watch Series 3. Subsequently, e-SIM functionality was incorporated into specific smartphone models, including the iPhone XR, XS, and XS Max. 


Major telecom operators in India, such as Jio, Airtel, and Vi, also introduced e-SIM technology, allowing users to avail e-SIM services for their compatible devices.


In this article, we will guide you through converting your physical SIM to an e-SIM for various networks in India, including Airtel, Jio, and Vi. If you want to switch to an eSIM, read the article till the end. 


What is an E-sim? 


An e-SIM, short for embedded SIM, is a built-in SIM card within a mobile device that can connect to various network operators without needing a physical SIM card. However, the network operator must support e-SIM services for it to function. Moreover, the e-SIM operates similarly to a traditional SIM card and comes pre-installed in the device; you can activate it by installing the "e-SIM profile" of a new operator.


With e-SIM technology, switching your mobile operator is incredibly convenient. You can seamlessly change your network operator with a simple phone call without issues. eSIM offers excellent compatibility on a global scale, making it a reliable choice for international usage. Additionally, transitioning to eSIM ensures you won't experience data loss, making it a highly practical option for future mobile needs.


Benefits of Using an E-sim


Get an E-sim from Prune and enjoy seamless connectivity wherever you go. Opting for an E-SIM provides numerous advantages over a physical SIM card. Some of these benefits include:


  • Instant Connectivity: Prune's E-SIM ensures you're instantly connected to mobile networks upon arrival in a new location, enhancing your travel experience and keeping you connected wherever you go.


  • Cost Effective: Prune's prepaid E-SIM plans enable you to pay only for the data you need, avoiding additional charges for unused services, making it a cost-effective choice for your mobile connectivity. Moreover, E-sim plans are much more affordable than traditional international roaming packs. By switching to E-SIM, you can save significantly on roaming charges while enjoying uninterrupted connectivity during your travels.



  • Worldwide Coverage: Prune's E-SIM plans are accessible in over 190 countries globally, providing seamless connectivity across all your travels ensuring you stay connected wherever you roam.


Difference between E-sim and Physical Sim Card

Some of the main reasons to choose an e-SIM over a physical SIM card are:


1.    Form Factor: 

  • Physical SIM: Removable must be inserted and removed from the device.
  • E-SIM: Embedded, installed digitally in the device.


2.    Carrier Association:


  • Physical SIM: Tied to a specific carrier; additional plans are usually from the same carrier.
  • E-SIM: Carrier-independent, not linked to a specific carrier, supports multiple cellular plans.


3.    SIM Card Slots:


  • Physical SIM: Typically, up to two SIM cards per device.
  • E-SIM: Supports up to eight e-SIM profiles per device.


4.    Security:


  • Physical SIM: Can be lost or stolen physically.
  • E-SIM: More secure as it's embedded and cannot be physically removed.


5.    Sustainability:


  • Physical SIM: Less sustainable due to the production of plastic SIM cards and associated packaging.
  • E-SIM: Environmentally friendly, as its smaller and eliminates the need for plastic cards and packaging.


6.    International Use:


·      Physical SIM: When travelling internationally, you may need to purchase and insert a new physical SIM card from a local carrier or incur high roaming charges from your home carrier.

·      e-SIM: Allows for easier international use by switching to a local carrier.


How to convert your Jio sim card to E-sim 


  • Go to the settings to the settings and locate the About section. 
  • Then, find your IME and EID numbers


  • Type a message with "GETESIM" followed by your 32-digit EID and 15-digit IME
  • Send it to 199 from your device.
  • Ensure your Jio SIM card is active.
  • You will receive a 19-digit e-SIM number and e-SIM details.
  • Send an SMS with "SIMCHG" followed by the 19-digit e-SIM number to 199.
  • Await a response message.
  • Confirm by replying with '1' to 183.
  • Wait for a call to provide your new 19-digit e-SIM number.
  • Receive a confirmation message for your new e-SIM after a while.


Follow the above steps to switch to an e-SIM on the Jio network.


How to convert an Airtel Sim card to an E-sim 


  • Start the e-SIM process by sending an SMS with "e-SIM" to your registered email ID at 121.


  • Get a confirmation SMS from 121 acknowledging the initiation of the e-SIM process.


  • Confirm the e-SIM change request by replying with "1" within 60 seconds, as instructed in the SMS.


  • Receive an SMS from 121 prompting you to consent to the e-SIM change via a call.


  • Agree and consent to the e-SIM change during the call as instructed.


  • Receive a final SMS from 121 containing details about the QR Code necessary for e-SIM activation.


  • Access your registered email to retrieve the QR Code and scan it to proceed with the e-SIM setup.


Activation of e-SIM takes about 2 hours. You need to scan the QR Code as soon as you get it. However, your current SIM will still work during this time. It is important to note that the QR code is unique and can only be used once on a single device. After scanning, kindly ensure that you complete the carrier setup process.


How to convert Vi sim to E-sim


  • To start the activation process, send an SMS with the content "e-SIM <space> your registered email id" to the number 199.
  • You'll get a confirmation SMS. Reply with "ESIMY" to confirm your e-SIM request.
  • Soon, you'll get a message from 199 asking for your consent over a call.
  • After providing consent over the call, you'll receive a final SMS containing the QR code.
  • This QR code will be sent to your registered email.
  • Head to your device settings, navigate to "Network & Internet," select "Mobile Network," and click on "Download a SIM instead."
  • Scan the QR code received via email.
  • Follow the prompts to wrap up the e-SIM activation.


What we at Prune Think


Switching to e-sim opens a world of seamless connectivity; you stay connected no matter where you are. With Prune's E-sim, you are no longer tied to physical SIM cards and their limitations. One of the major advantages of Prune's E-SIM plans is cost-effectiveness. Pay only for the data you need, avoiding additional charges for unused services. Prune's E-SIM plans are designed to be affordable, allowing you to save significantly on roaming charges while enjoying uninterrupted connectivity during your travels.


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