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Here’s a trick to enjoy high-speed internet on your smartphone! - Prune

The top telecom providers of India, such as Reliance Jio, Bharti Airtel, and Vodafone Idea provide the best and high-speed internet services. With their various mobile network schemes and benefits to choose from, we are often spoilt for choice. However, there are times when the internet still slows down on us anyway, resulting in disruption to our personal and work-related use of our smartphones. If you’ve often found yourself in a situation where you’re stuck with a slow internet speed, your handset could also be a reason other than a poor connection or average network coverage in the area. But there’s a way around it! Let our experts at Prune show you how you can resolve this problem by using new APN Settings on your Android mobile phone. Interestingly, if you own an iOS device, you don’t need to change the APN settings because they self-detect the APN and make changes accordingly so that your internet service works seamlessly. But for Android devices, follow these quick and easy steps mentioned below!

Set up Jio APN on Android for high-speed internet

At times, if you don’t get good Jio access points, you can face a lag in the internet speed of your handset. But you can easily set new Jio APN settings on your smartphone in various ways. All you need to do is go to Settings and select Mobile Networks. After that, you have to tap on the Jio SIM slot and tap on Access Point Names. To get back to the default setting of Jio APN, press on Reset, and you’re done.

There’s another way you can follow, by making the settings manually. Tap on Settings again and then click on Mobile Networks. Look for new Jio access points, then click on ‘Add New’. After this step, you need to fill in details such as ‘Name’ and type ‘JioNet’ in the ’APN’ option. Lastly, press on ‘OK’, and your APN reset is complete.

Set up Airtel APN on Android for high-speed internet

If you use Airtel mobile network on your smartphone, you can easily make the changes to Airtel 4G APN. Go to the Settings option of your device and click on Mobile Networks. Tap on the Airtel SIM option and find Access Point Names. Once you do that, press on Add New APN, and fill in the required details such as Name, APN, Proxy, and Username. After you finish, tap on Save and reboot your Android device to enjoy a faster 4G internet speed!

You can also set up Airtel APN using the SMS option. Go to the Messages app on your device, and send a text ‘MO’ to 54321. You will receive an SMS back with the Airtel APN internet settings. Tap on ‘OK’ to enable the new settings on your Android smartphone and restart the device to complete the configuration.

Set up Vodafone Idea APN on Android for high-speed internet

As a Vi SIM user, you can enjoy fast 4G internet speed by making changes to the Vi APN Settings on your device. Tap on the Settings option, then go to Wireless & Network. After that, click on Mobile Networks and click on Access Point Names. The next step is to press on Vi SIM and create a new APN setting. Fill in all the required details such as Name, APN, Proxy, and Port. Lastly, save the changes and reboot your device. Now, you can enjoy a faster internet speed than before. 

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