Prepaid Vs Postpaid: Which One You Should Buy


Choosing between prepaid and postpaid can be difficult if you have lack knowledge about what's better for you. 

Before buying a new Sim, you must understand what is a prepaid and postpaid connection.


Prepaid Connection, where you have to ‘Pre-pay’ for your mobile usage. You choose a prepaid recharge plan and start using the benefits according to your selected plan. In a prepaid connection, you can recharge the plan as per your needs. 


Postpaid Connection, where you have to pay your bills after using the connection for a month. These plans are available as a monthly rental that you select at the starting which is the minimum amount that you have to pay for your postpaid connection. You don’t have to choose a new plan each month, your selected plan will be auto-activated each month for your postpaid connection.


Prepaid Vs Postpaid: Which One You Should Choose

If you like to change your plans every month, then you should go for a prepaid connection. You can also go for a prepaid connection if you don't want to pay bills. With a prepaid connection, you can choose multiple plans together and customize your plans according to your needs.


While postpaid connection, you don’t have to worry about the services being stopped abruptly. The operators give you extra time even after the due date of your bill payment. But you have to choose a plan from specific plans as provided by operators. if you used extra services then you will be an addition to the bill.


It’s absolutely easy to buy a new prepaid or postpaid Sim from your home. Just Visit and choose prepaid/postpaid plans from Airtel, Jio, VI, and BSNL. 


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