The Benefits of Buying an eSIM for International Travel

The Benefits of Buying an eSIM for International Travel

After a halt to travelling due to COVID, people are now returning to their usual routine of exploring places worldwide. International travel has picked up the pace. Along with it, the need to stay connected with loved ones on those trips is also in high demand today. Thus, the idea of buying an eSIM online is what has made connectivity more convenient while travelling. 

Do you want to know how? Well, this article is about giving you a glimpse of the benefits of buying an online eSIM and using it while travelling. 

For people new to technology, first let’s understand what’s the key difference between traditional SIM and eSIM:

What is the Difference Between Traditional SIM and eSIM?

A physical SIM card is a small plastic card that you insert into your mobile device to connect to a cellular network. It contains a unique identifier that links your device to your carrier's network, and you need to physically swap SIM cards if you want to switch carriers or use a different phone number. 

In contrast, an eSIM is a digital SIM that is embedded in your device and can be activated remotely. You don't need to insert a physical SIM card, and you can switch carriers or plans without having to swap SIM cards physically. eSIMs are often smaller than physical SIM cards, offering greater flexibility and convenience for users who frequently travel or need multiple phone numbers.

Why Buy an eSIM Card when Travelling Internationally?

If you're planning to travel abroad, buying an eSIM online can be a smart choice. You get similar cellular services but with several added benefits. These benefits include:

1. No Need for Switching SIMs

If you're not using an eSIM while travelling, you must buy a physical SIM card that allows international calls. Then remove the one you're using, and replace it with an international SIM. It is a hassle and also has a risk that you might lose your main SIM. When buying an eSIM online, you don't have to remove your existing SIM card; you can download an eSIM remotely. Once done, you can switch access to cellular services from your actual service provider to the one eSIM provides. That's it, and you're good to go!

2. Affordable than Physical SIMs

ESIM plans are often less expensive and more affordable than a physical SIM with international calling and messaging services. Moreover, there will be additional fees if you want more minutes or numbers of calls to a different country with a physical SIM service. Unlike that, you will have a wide variety of plans with eSIM services. Generally, there are no hidden charges or additional fees you have to pay when buying an eSIM card.

3. Instant Access to the Internet

When you land in a foreign country, the first thing you need to access is the internet. Whether it is for work, vlogging, or anything else, the internet is of the utmost necessity in a foreign land. With eSIM, setting up the internet becomes faster, as you no longer have to look for local vendors for a SIM. 

Once you download the eSIM, you can activate its internet settings, and you are ready to use it, even before you exit the airport. 

4. Better Security Than Physical SIM Cards

One of the key benefits of buying an eSIM for international travel is its enhanced security. Since eSIMs are embedded in your device, they can't be removed or swapped without your consent, making it harder for unauthorised parties to access your network. Additionally, eSIMs use advanced encryption techniques to protect your data and communications, providing you with greater peace of mind when travelling internationally.

5. Building a Better Environment

Buying online eSIM also makes you part of a sustainable environment. With eSIMs, the use of traditional plastic SIM cards will be less. As these physical cards are often thrown away when not in use, it contributes to pollution and waste. Thus, buying an eSIM involves remote procedures, and no physical materials are used.


These are the benefits of buying eSIM online for international travel. The process is entirely remote and takes only a few minutes. But you need to ensure your device is compatible to work with eSIMs. Most smartphones today introduce eSIM-compatible phones to meet the rising demand for easy connectivity without the hassle of switching SIMs.