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Now Prune can help you install a SIM card directly on your phone. Here’s how!

For the longest time, our smartphones have come embedded with physical SIM cards for our connectivity needs. Through the port, these SIM cards, also known as Subscriber Identity Module, have helped us get access to the telecom providers’ services.

But with our fast-paced and changing times, Prune brings you a whole new way to get access to mobile networks from any part of the world via eSIM Now you can install a SIM directly through a QR code using the Prune app and website without needing to buy one from physical mobile stores.

With Prune, all you need to buy a mobile plan from the Prune website or mobile app that fits your needs at your convenience. It might make you wonder how it's possible to install a SIM on your device. So, here’s everything you need to know about eSIM services offered by Prune to get easy access to affordable mobile network services anytime!


Easy eSIM connectivity

An eSIM card can be embedded on your smartphone and connect you to the mobile connectivity services of most providers. It is a new technology that is taking over the tech world, and its functionality can easily be accessed by embedding it and downloading a plan of your choice from Prune. The eSIM offers these benefits:

1.     It will provide cheap mobile connectivity during your international travels.

2.     Avoid expensive roaming charges.

3.     An eSIM can easily be installed using a QR code.

4.     You can change your mobile plan anytime anywhere.

5.     Buy a mobile network plan through the Prune app.

6.     Retain your phone number while using an eSIM and physical SIM card.

With an eSIM installed on your device, you can enjoy faster internet during your personal and business travels and access different mobile networks of your choice anytime.

Worldwide access to eSIM services

With Prune at your service round-the-clock, you can access our best eSIM services in 190+ countries worldwide! Now wherever you travel, our expert team has your back.

The future is here

With QR code technology, you have access to faster internet connectivity with just a few taps on your mobile phone. This innovation brings you ease and convenience of smartphone use during your travels. You can install eSIM and purchase mobile data packs of your choice using your preferred payment method on our website and app.

To buy eSIM online, visit: eSIM: Local eSIM for Travellers | Prune